STOP adding DPS to the game

The base game already has too much DPS.

Now we have:

  • 16 DPSs
  • 7 TANKs
  • 6 SUPs

whY No oNE WaNt tO PLay taNks or HEAls iN thIS GAmE?

Simply because no one’s want to play the same thing forever. There are for sure people who play a single hero and will play that forever, but that’s not the rule.

You can choose between a a lot and diverse heroes on the DPS class, but when you are choosing a tank you not only have less than 50% options, you also will be “throwing” the game if you don’t combo:

  • Rein Zarya
  • Orisa Hog
  •, Winston or Hammond (The dive trio)

Stop the DPSs FAVORITISM. I don’t care about playing tanks and sups forever, but the two classes together has less options than the DPS alone. I came to OW because the game promisses you a diverse gameplay, being different from the other normal Shooters, but forces you to play the same thing over and over if your not playing the DPS class…

TL:DR STOP adding DPS to the game and invest on tanks and sups


DPS don’t want to play the same things forever either. Every role deserves fresh blood. And it’s good for the game’s hype to add offense heroes, since most people prefer them.

As long as it rotates more or less evenly I’m happy. Here’s to hoping the next is a support!


Oh come on, they’re more than half the roster. It’s gotten to the point where there’s too much competition inside the role. Everytime a new one is added the first complaint is “but she invalidates my dps hero.”


I don’t see how this is an issue. Having more DPS heroes is not a problem.


The problem with your statement here is that:

  • A) DPS is bar far the WEAKEST class in the game and more often than not has heroes that contribute nothing to a team.
  • B) Developing a Tank or Support is a lot harder than developing a DPS. There are so many ways you can harm a person, but so few ways to defend/heal them.
  • C) Supports & Tanks usually dictate the meta, which causes the devs to take their impact a lot more into consideration.

I know you may feel like Supports & Tanks always get the short end of the stick but they really don’t, and this is coming from an Ana-Main.

The only reason why it feels like DPS gets preferential treatment is that there’s more feedback to their impact (which is a double-edged sword).


Are you implying that all the DPS playstyles are the same? What about projectile based ones? Hitscan? Area denial? Flankers?


They should have moved Symmetra and Torb to tank.

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I’ll just pop in and say that it’s already been directly stated that the next sets of heroes will be tanks and supports to balance out the roster. Toodles.


People wonder why so many pick DPS over any other category. Maybe if Support and Tank had just as much it might be easier.


That was the first Ashe complaint I saw: she replaces McCree.
76 has the same problem, and they’re all squirming next to Hanzo.

Betcha that the next dps hero will have they same reaction.

And no, it would be silly to read what I wrote and draw the conclusion that I’m saying all dps are alike, considering I never said that.


But they said that they are going to add more tanks and healers next time. Ashe was added because we already had year where we had no updates for dps roster (except symmetra rework, but that doesn’t count)

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Thing is, DPS players have 15 other players to switch to if they’re tired of who they’re playing. Supports have 5, and Tanks have 6.


I’m fine with them adding dps characters. Just no more snipers. Was bad enough when games were just hanzo & widowmaker. Now its hanzo, ashe, and widowmaker all sniping from the same perch achieving little. Sometimes you can throw ana into that bunch but at least she helps by healing once in awhile.


Blizzard adds the first dps after a year and a half and people complain? This community can never be happy about anything.


I hear you, believe me. I’d love to have 10+ healers to choose from. I just think it’s poor sportsmanship to expect fans of dps heroes to just wait for three years while blizzard evens things out.


16 DPS heroes and not a single one is picked in the current meta

DPS favouritism my a**


Fun nitbits:

  1. DPS roster was split between two categories that were combined. So that’s why the number is much higher.
  1. Most of the upcoming new heroes are tanks/supports. This has been acknowledged already.
  1. It had been over a year before we had a new DPS. Most people are okay with this pace - 1 DPS for every 3 or 4 tank/support heroes is fine.
  1. The current meta does not include any DPS heroes. So the “DPS favoritism” point is moot.

If you want to hold off on any new DPS heroes until tanks and supports catch up, we’d be waiting for 4 years. :expressionless:


No, it’s not because there are too few heroes, most people wants to play dps because they are popping off, a tank isn’t, doesn’t matter how many you add.

And none of them can effectively deal with a 3/3 tank/support composition.


I think there was some posts saing that next heroes gona be supports and dps, but i might be wrong there.