Steam's Anti Cheat Vs Blizzard's


Which one do you prefer also are there any cheaters on Overwatch? I’m new here and enjoying Blizzard’s offerings so far. Ow is the best!


I think Blizzard anti cheat is still on its cradle stage, remember they just had their first FPS a few years back, Valve’s had it anti cheat detection redefined since steams inception or maybe even earlier. CS 1.5 with anti cheating was long before steam. Anti cheat on OW is sorely dependent on reports, observation from the mods and basic information they get from the users machine, pretty improvised model.


There are, but not many. I’m almost level 600 and have yet to see one but I have seen clips of people cheating.

Also, judge the game by the game itself, not by what people say you should judge it as.


give it time… you’ll change your mind.


There seems to be a surge recently according to what I hear. Thing is also, Overwatch gives many options to make cheating less obvious (through hero kits, private profiles, etc…) which are less present in other games. You might’ve already met cheaters without even noticing. :man_shrugging:

About which one is better… with steam I only really have experience with TF2’s anti-cheat, which seems to be way worse at its job. But you also have to consider the following: F2P games will always have more cheaters than paid games due to… well… lack of a money barrier.


Wow. You must be fun at parties.


Wow lvl 600! What are your tips for beginners. I love Dva,Mei,Brigette


Stick to dva of the three.

Brig is in for some unfortunate changes that will weaken her overall. Mei is rather situational. Dva works just about anywhere any time.

Top dva recommendation for beginners would be to cement your ability to cancel your booster with melee just as you’re booping your target, preventing you from accidentally moving past them and putting in an extra bit of damage.


U can see maybe 2 hackers on a season but on a valve game like csgo…u see 2 hackers in every team in every match


Pretty sure they use Warden in OW, which they have been using and developing since Diablo 2. Unless they have developed a different anti-cheat for OW specifically, I would say Warden is far from being in the cradle.


Both systems are pretty bad when you consider that professional matches are about money. I could describe it in more detail, but I don’t think this is the right place. There are enough cheaters, the easiest way is to have a look around the cheat forums, then you will see how much is sold and what they have to offer. Of course I don’t advise you to buy or download anything.


Level is deceptive, I’m barely in gold.

As for tips, whenever you die, think of what you could have done to avoid it. Were you by yourself? Out in the open? Made a mistake with an ability?

For, if the enemy team has a Sombra, try shooting at doorways to find her. 1 point of damage will stop her invisibility.

For Brigitte, use repair pack on a teammate who is fighting a flanker, or on you of your teammates about to dive the enemy team.

For Mei, make sure you wave at everyone you freeze, then use your alternate fire for a headshot. You need to cancel the end of the wave to have time to hit the short but it’s worth it. Freeze, wave, headshot.

On a more serious note, try using her wall in more creative ways. You can block people off, but you can also place it beneath any player to boost them up high.


Not many cheaters in OW, mostly aimbot and WH, and they are easily detected and destroyed by Warden.
Cheats in OW dont have that much impact so I think thats the main reason why people dont use them in the first place. The systems in place are good though.

When I reported 3 cheaters, got the message in 2-3 days about them being actioned.


I’ve got hundreds of hours logged into the game and I can say I have encountered very few people who I suspected of cheating. The game itself makes it not very beneficial to “aimbot” as many aspects of the game aren’t decided purely on aim like a lot of other FPS.

If that is your biggest concern with the game right now then I would say carry on!


The good thing about Overwatch is that even if you do come across a cheater (I’ve been playing for 3 years and only came across 2 or 3) they usually suck at the game and can be beaten easier than cheaters in other games.

Overwatch has plenty of heroes that can wreck house without needing mechanical aim, and there are plenty of crowd control and defensive abilities that once you learn, you can use to ignore godlike aim entirely.

Doesn’t matter how accurate a sniper is if she only hits barriers.
Doesn’t matter how goldy a Tracer’s tracking is if she walks into your stun abilities.

Aim isn’t everything in Overwatch.


Definitely an unpopular opinion, but I don’t really care if other people cheat as long as I can’t tell. Because if I don’t notice then the cheater must be playing around the same as everybody else in the match, so it doesn’t change my gameplay experience at all.


The number of cheaters is underestimated by the OW community and (thus) is increasing.

A few cheaters are proudly uploading their videos on YouTube (without even blurring their names out or anything) and weeks later they are still playing. So Warden doesn’t detect them and, even worse, they aren’t manually banned either.


Blizzard seems to have no manual oversight and relies on automatic detection for everything. It’s clearly not enough.

When cheaters can upload their videos to youtube, and everyone playing with them in the games they upload can tell they’re cheating and report them, but they’re still playing weeks later, you know they just aren’t doing enough.

They should have been harder on this from launch, but like the toxicity problem, they were too easy on offenders and now the problem has snowballed.

The bottom line, is they don’t care enough to invest the money and people it would take to fix this.


There’s an anti cheat in valve games?
Use any ahk script for valve games, they never does anything against you. And there are hackers in every second match as far as I know.


Note: This server is VAC-Secured.
Cheating will result in a permanent ban.

Except if you are playing competitive CS:GO, in that case cheat away.