SR revert for those affected

For Christ sake. I wasn’t affected BUT for those who were we need to reset the SR for.
This happened on a global scale this time.
Na, Asia and EU all affected.
No excuse give those people back their SR.

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Blizzard should just nullify every Competitive Match that stopped due to the servers crashing. It’s not fair that people lost SR for a reason they couldn’t control or expect.


What you’re asking is a monumental amount of work for them to change something as trivial as a shiny number. It just really doesn’t matter, you can get it back if you truly belonged at your rank.


he still plays ‘competitive’…
my condolences.


1 game is a drop in the bucket, and when you figure in everyone was affected, there was no net change in the overall distribution. Blizzard server crashes represent less than .01% of your SR, lol.

If your SR is 50 points lower than it should be it will level out as you play. It will actually give you easier games. Not sure what the issue is.

If this is a monumental amount of work, there is something really wrong with their system.


They literally have the code necessary to prevent this already in game though.

Matches with leavers in the first minute don’t count for SR.

For your guys’ reference:

The problem is one person I know was just dropped 50sr. He was at 3510 now he’s at 3460. The cut off for OWL and the world cup is 3500. Thats pretty big.

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If your friend is interested in participating in Overwatch Esports, he needs to be looking into the Overwatch Open Division (which has no rank requirements).

Honestly forgot that was a thing. They dont promote it much.

Wyoming will probably correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d assume the reason why is to avoid the potential problem of people DC-ing on purpose if they realise what’s up to avoid a loss.

That is just about right. It also keeps things simple… annoying for us as a community during mass outages like this… but that way the ladder actually remains more stable and prevents players from being able to manipulate their rank.


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Yes but that is a very different type of code. All that really requires some small condition statements to say that while time is under 60 seconds, if number of players is not 12 end game early which would simply be having a 10 second countdown then ending thd game without running the SR check.

What you are saying would require something FAR different. What your algorithm would have to do is scan every game during a user entered time frame, determine which players lost 50 SR due to leaving then add 50 SR back.

The biggest difference is that one is merely shutting down a thing in real and then NOT running a function to award SR/MMR, and the other is scanning games finding matches and actively adjusting SR, which as far as I am aware cannot be adjusted outside of either the ranked end game location or when you quit a game (which likely trigger same function).

Basically the code doesn’t exist and I suspect they want as little able to manipulate SR as possible

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