SR lost and suspended for servers shutting down

So the servers just died on a match I was playing in and everyone in the match was black screened and kicked and when it loaded through the game said I was suspended for 10 minutes and I lost SR :frowning_face: I was at 1882 and now it dropped me down to 1776!


Yep same, it was loads of servers from what I found

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This video displays what occurred to my entire competitive lobby. I had restarted my game and rejoined the match, however half of the lobby was still gone. The red penalty timer on the left had expired and I left the game expecting no sanctions. This was not the case. I had lost about 40 sr and the win streak i had accumulated over the week. Please contact me via the email for my BattleNet account when you have seen and/or adressed this issue.

Hey uukoe-1800,

Are you running Razor Chroma software by any chance?

If so i’d recommend you check this article: Black Screen Crashes Due to Razer Chroma Software.

Let me know if that was the case and if it fixed it for you.

It’s not a bug for any network issue to be happening. Bugs are issues with game play; an example is a turret firing through a wall.

This post would normally belong in #technical-support, but this isn’t anything the staff can address anyway. SR is never refunded, for any reason, your fault or theirs. I also know that this doesn’t feel good. But you can leave feedback about it in #general-discussion if you know of a better way to make things fair.

More info on their stance here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

If you need to speak to staff directly, you need to open a ticket.

But… your issue is probably overheating or a slow hard drive (also possibly because of heat issue). 81C is quite hot, and will force your components to throttle themselves to avoid max temps. I’m happy to work with you on this issue if you make a new thread in the appropriate forum (#technical-support) with your DxDiag :slight_smile: