SR loss due to connection issues

I lost 100 SR in two games because of my internet disconnecting during the match. Spending 10 minutes in the queue, then playing for 15 minutes only to disconnect and then lose all of my hard work in two games strips me of my motivation to continue and is very taxing on my mental health. I’ve been trying my hardest to move up ranks and having to lose my work because of something uncontrollable like that feels awful. It would be okay if I didn’t lose nor gain SR for disconnecting but receiving setbacks for issues I can’t control is detrimental to my motivation to continue.

When you disconnect, your entire team is disadvantaged, that’s why the SR penalty system exists. You will never get your SR back in the form of a refund from Blizzard, and the system will likely never change.

See Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties for a longer explanation.

The hurtful bottom line is:

Too bad, if your internet disconnects you’re always going to be penalized for it and there’s nothing you can do aside from fix your disconnection problems.

Today I played a match where I disconnected. I got back in the game pretty quick and my team won. Still I had a 10 minute ban and lost 50 sr. It’s crazy. I talked to support and basically they said too bad. “Players with network problems should not play comp until their network issues are fixed.” . I don’t even know where to begin unpacking that statement. It’s interesting because I’ve never had an issue with other games’ ranked.
I hate leavers just as much as the next comp player; I get why they have punishments. However, the system is broken. People who rage quit don’t care about the punishments. If they cared, then they wouldn’t leave at all. So these punishment just hurt the genuine players. “It’s unfair to the players who didn’t dc” True. It’s unfair to the people who disconnect as well. I went into that match fully intending to have fun and hopefully win. Maybe they should have it so the leaver gets a ban and if the team loses then they don’t lose sr. Something that actually helps out the players who had to be down a player. Punishing the leaver doesn’t help those on the team at all.
Honestly, it’s not my job as a player to try to fix the game. I’ve never been so upset that I have posted on here before. But blizzards response was just the last straw. They make it so hard to climb in comp. You loose more then you gain half the time and if you aren’t a dps main you might as well give up hope on climbing. Where was the concerns for fairness then? I don’t expect this post to change anything at all. I don’t expect anything from blizzard. Overwatch is an amazing game that I’ve played for years. But it has always been unfair. I am just tired and angry I guess.

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If you’re experiencing this type of connection issue, it may be happening at your home, your ISP’s network, or on one of the many ISPs between you and Blizzard that make the connection possible.

We have lots of helpful community and technical support staff in this forum that can try to find the cause of the issue with you. If you want to troubleshoot, please start a new thread with your WinMTR.