SR loss after player leaves your match?!

So I just lost a game 5-6 on volskaya. We played the last two rounds with 5 and then 4 people. We still managed to capture A with 4 people and they only got 34% on point B. So we were BARELY beaten to be honest. And then I checked my SR after the game. I lost 48 SR for this loss. Not only did I play decently in my team (3 gold medals as tank in the rounds where we were 6v6), we really pushed them to the edge, and we only lost because one dude thought a 5v6 was a lost cause and left when the timer expired. 48 SR lost. Punished in a very very close game because 2 people left. I mean, what is this all about? This just makes me want to stop the game. Truly ridiculous, Blizzard employees, if any of you is reading this… please do something with your algorythms, this is laughable.


Doing otherwise is too easily exploited

I’m not saying I shouldn’t lose SR after a lost game, but come on, 48 sr lost for a game like this is definitely a stretch, especially since I was not at fault.


Sounds like your MMR is much lower than your SR

48 Sr loss?

No wonder you’re pissed.

Broken Sr system is broken.

Won a 5v6, gained 4 Sr.

Comp is trash right now. I think efforts all focused on Ow2, so don’t expect any action on broken pbsr, leavers, throwers, server issues.

At least they reversed the godawful map rotation.

And, I do cut them some slack with the ongoing plague situation.


The lack of changes in comp have little to do with OW2 or the plague


Well, they better change something up or Ow2 is going to devolve into the same toxic crap show as ow1 in very short order.

OW2 is largely PVE content

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And spankier graphics?

Suffice to say if there’s not major improvements I won’t be buying it (unless a bunch of my mates are committed to a solid go of pve. Otherwise, nah).

I was constantly climbing the ranks in all 3 roles lately, and I honestly don’t think I was carried by my teams, so I doubt it.

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The matchmaker disagrees :man_shrugging:

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Loss forgiveness should be a thing. I’m tired of hearing too easily exploited. Who cares.

It’s better than players losing hard fought Sr because something completely out of their control in a ranked enviornment.

Apex implemented this. Siege is working on it. This should be a set standard already.

Everything has pros and cons but the pros outweigh the cons and everyone has already said doesn’t count if you are stacking as a requirement. All positive to me.


A lot of people. If your response to “how can the community weaponize this idea” is “who cares?” it’s objectively a poorly planned idea and cannot be implemented.

I disagree, as do many others.

Overwatch is nothing like either of these games from a balance, play, or ladder style. You might as well compare it to World of Warcraft Arena.

You are, by your own admission, completely ignoring the cons.

Easy when you ignore the cons

apparently you have to „git gud“ and it‘s always your fault. don‘t blame the leavers or the ridiculous amount of SR you lost. it only shows that you were playing too high for your „true“ skill level. whatever that means. as long as you can‘t consistently outplay 6 other players (at least one smurf from two elos higher), you don‘t deserve to climb.

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Is getting gold players in diamond and master games my fault too?

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What’s the con? And I say con because there’s one. Which is a community problem. If you don’t let stacks abuse it. That ends the major con right there. I must not be seeing the obvious con and siege has the exact same ladder as overwatch it’s literally identical.

And many others also believe leavers shouldn’t affect their Sr. So it’s not like there are not tons of players on both sides of the fence.

of course. if you were one rank above your current rank, you would get matched up with plats.

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So I had 31 games this competitive season, 18 wins and 13 losses. 2 of those losses were the games that I detailed in my original post. So if we do not take those two into account, I would be 18-11, a winrate of 64%… Don’t tell me I’m playing at a higher ELO than where I belong.

Sounds like you got carried pretty hard

The matchmaker knows it but cant make your teammates play worse

U gotta be trolling mate, not even gonna reply any more on this thread…

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