Sr loss after disconnecting and winning

So I just one 2 games in a row, was playing a 3rd game, got disconnected, re-joined the game, we won by a large margin, but I still lost 50 sr. So my net gain is 0 sr for 3 wins just because I had a disconnection that I could not control. Can anything be done about this? I feel very discouraged to play the game if at any moment I could be disconnected, and even if I rejoin and win that game, I still lose progress for the last 3 games I won. On top of that I have to suffer though a ban that gets longer the more this issue occurs.

Thank you for your time.


I had the same thing happen to me where I got disconnected, managed to come back, and won the game anyway. Losing 50 “Skill Rating” from a win??

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you should also post this in comp discussion.

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The problem with the 50 sr punishment for people who legitmiately has connection problem and return quickly is very harsh imo. It’s also a double edged sword because it devalues the entire point of even coming back, even if you can.

It’s like, so now I have to go back and try to win even though I get nothing and lose 2 games worth of sr?

Personally, I would like to see a -25sr punishment for anyone who reconnects within 90 seconds, plenty of time to reboot and get back in the game, recovering from whatever technical issue there was, game crash, connection loss, overclock failure, etc.

And keep the -50sr punishment for those who return after the 90 second window or don’t return at all.

I’ve been playing Overwatch for around 8 months and my net has only failed on me maybe 3 times. All 3 times I returned and won 2/3. I came back after a quick modem/PC reboot which didn’t take long. I would have been much more accepting of a -25 sr loss in all of those cases, no problem.

At the same time, I’m also of the opinion that people with repeated connection/PC stability problems shouldn’t play comp, because these disconnections pretty much seal the deal for your team. A 6v5, even for a couple of minutes can turn the tide for that entire round.

But I’d still like to see a 50 & 25 sr system that lessens punishments for those who return to the game quickly.


There seems to be a time limit to reconnect without losing SR. Once it took me several minutes to reconnect to a game, we won and i still lost SR. Another time i managed to reconnect in under about a minute and i didn’t get any leaver penalty.

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Sometimes bad things happen to good people

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Definitely a bug. I’ve been disconnected from games before which I then re-connected to, and wasn’t penalised at the end.

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I believe the cutoff is 2 minutes.

I have long said, if you come back from a disconnect AND WIN, the penalty should be reduced. Right now you don’t even get the SR from your win!

Everyone benefits from there being an incentive to reconnect, even if you fail to meet the 2 minute mark. Simply giving the player their SR for the win before deducting the 50 would be a simple good change for this.

I would also suggest that their suspension level not be escalated. Again, only if they come back and win.

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Great point. I don’t even think you should be punished if you disconnect and still win. I’m sure your team won’t care if you disconnect if they get a win.

Well… there has to be some repercussions for playing with faulty setup. Otherwise people won’t be motivated to fix it.

Yes punish them for losing the game, but if they are playing with a faulty set up and winning, more power to them.

I’m quite flustered that no OverWatch Team member has addressed this issue. Each player in the community spends time earning SR just to have it lost due to disconnects. Today I went on a grind and gained 100 SR over 9-12 games, and it went the other way due to a router restart. I returned to the game within 2 minutes, and won, but the eager attempt to help a team isn’t good enough for the system. Hopefully there is a way to reverse this for players that place a ticket in. Right now there’s not really a ticketing system for problems like this that are completely legitimate.

Actually this has been addressed many times, most notably there is a sticky post in the technical support forum for this: