Space Ranger & Evil Supports

I really hope the Space Ranger support hero is a baddie, or at least not a little ball of pure goodness and sunshine like the majority of the support cast are.

While I recognize that the support heroes all have a wide set and diverse backstories, it’s could easily be argued that the only ‘villain’ support is Moira. She is a beautifully crafted character whose kit and abilities match her personality and overall philosophy of healing incredibly well, even if she is considered a ‘villain.’ Arguably, this makes her an even stronger character.

While it’s been fantastic to rope in more villains since Overwatch 2’s release, such as Junker Queen, Ramattra, and Mauga, we have yet to receive another villainous support. While she doesn’t lend herself much to the nefarious side in terms of her visual design, I can only hope she leans in that direction in terms of her character, voicelines, and personality.

I may be alone in this, but I truly hope Space Ranger is an incredibly skilled, intelligent, and downright nasty person. Not every healer needs to spit sunshine and poop rainbows :smiling_imp:


What i hope for is not being a villain character but a confused neutral character. Like shes been on that Mars colony for who knows how long and she may don’t know about the first crisis and Overwatch. She looks at the Petras Act and instantly comes to the conclusion that OW was an evil organization.

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I agree with this statement: the supporting cast so far only has Moira as the actual Villain. Generally we had a villain made in Vishkar as our hope, even if Lifeweaver took up that chance a bit.

In fact, for some time now I’ve been thinking that Overwatch lore seriously needs an “agent of the Petras Act”. I placed this vision in organizations outside of Overwatch, such as MEKA, Helix, etc., but New Blood missed this opportunity.

But I think that to make the world of Overwatch somewhat plausible there MUST be someone who is 100% convinced of the Petras Act, regardless of the invasion of the Null Sector or Talon. The world of Overwatch is too lightly accepting this intervention defined as “illegal” everywhere but never really punished or investigated, and the intervention of agent Noah Tremblay was definitely too soft. We need a hero who believes in the Petras Act, who wants governmental justice without Overwatch, even if he recognizes its intent. But I don’t think that Space Ranger has the right basis for this vision, much less Tremblay. The communication in the code between Winston and Osei (secretary-general of the United Nations) gives me hope that we might finally have a hero interested in this side of the Petras Act. If not Osei, then someone sent by her.

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Well… there was the guy from the Sojourn cinematic i guess? Until he found out that Sojourn was operating with them somehow? The ending was so half-baked.

I have a feeling that the lore forgets that the Act still exists so they can focus on NS and Talon. All we’ve got is a “Okay, we turn a blind eye now” and “Okay, stop Winton, pls.” but nothing else. Since it looks like there will be not enough story missions to actually complete the story they should either make a hero who believes in the Act like you’ve said or make an OW Reaction Force in the lore and PvE who actively tries to detain them when they are on a mission.

I swear if the Petras Act story line will conclude with Winton doing a peptalk, i will lose it.

I absolutely agree, a Petras Act supporter would help round out the cast with someone who actually doesn’t support Overwatch but isn’t a full on Talon agent.

No matter what faction/agency/alliance Space Ranger ends up being on, I just hope she adds some spice or bitter flavors to the support roster.

Don’t get me wrong! I adore the Support cast and like each of them in their own way for their own unique reasons, but its sad to see Moira being the only support with a ‘villainous’ role, which is emphasized by her having antagonistic voicelines with every other support. Of course, the interactions are earned and lean into the lore; I just hope we don’t get another ball of sunshine.

[Edit: I realize that Illari isn’t your typical cheery support, but she is quite literally a ‘ball of sunshine’ when it comes to abilities, so my request still stands!]

illari seems much more similar to how zarya was initially set up: “duty to a people” (I remember very well from the old voicelines where zarya wasn’t interested in overwatch at all). then her narrative changed, and I don’t rule out that for Illari she will end up with positive characters again… but still having difficulty trusting (Baptiste also had a journey of doubts, even if less marked). in fact illari has countless voicelines in which she despises moira’s methodology, and this is why I don’t consider her a “support villain” at all… but rather an outsider. illari could help us explore other regions of lore not really related to “overwatch vs talon”. in any case I find illari’s solitary narrative very good: she creates a character on a storyboard that is easier to manage. or at least, I find it more plausible to the madness they gave to sigma, which sometimes is too strong and other times it’s too “I don’t know how to tell it, she seems like a key character in a story we’re not ready to tell”. in fact sigma was a big last minute replacement for mauga and her lore is still nebulous. at least illari has the privilege of only “just arriving”.

but excuse me the off topic: in my opinion do you know who would be a perfect support villain? sven, the engineer guy who went against torbjorn in the comics by driving a titan: in my opinion talon lacks a somewhat mechanical “engineer”, similar to winston, torbjorn or brigitte, without having to necessarily move on to a highly sophisticated approach like the vishkar technology (although plausible to have at this point in the lore). or if the intentions of managing the space ranger are those of a support villain… I would like it to be above all an engineer who knows how to contribute to the talon or null sector cause.

Im really excited for Space Ranger. Its like Fate for my screenname :smiling_face_with_tear: