Sorry but can we have any statement on Reaper now?


I am usually not that kind of person who goes to the forums to complain about changes cause they are good to handle after a few matches. Burt this Reaper Buff. Oh, God, please help us.

1. Many People asked for a Reaper buff.
We all know that and he deserved one, just to be clear on this one. Before this change went on the PTR the forums were full of good (I know this one is subjective) suggestions. Let me highlight the most important thing about the suggenstions: Most of them would have helped to fix his useless E ability cause that’s actually why he isn’t played in Master and above.

2. Why this buff was completely wrong
This buff chnages nothing. It won’t change Reaper’s state in the higher ranks or the pro scene because all people who play there make orginized plays and play as a team. Teamplay counters Reaper. As mentioned by pros in several statements and videos, Reapers E stays untouched, staying the only ability which you HAVE to use while you are out of combat. When are pros ever seperated from their team to use an ability out of combat? Yea…right. Never, almost.

3. So what does this change do?
The effect of this change is horrible. On lower ranks (for me I speak of mid-plat right now, dropped below 2500 right now but that’s my average rank), Reaper just walks into your team while holding left-click. The Result: He wins the fight.
He wins the fight due to two facts.

    1. In those ranks teamplay doesn’t always exist. Not everyone is in voicechat or listens to callouts, so sometimes you don’t even know where the enemy Reaper is while he is having fun.
    1. The second reason was brought up by this buff. Before the buff you as a player could realize “Oh, wait, there is an enemy Reaper somewhere”. Let’s imagine that player was playing McCree or Genji for example. You could go for the Reaper expecting a fair fight with a chance for both to win the fight. This isn’t the case anymore because Reaper heals too much.

I played quite a lot since the buff went to live and on lower ranks Reaper just feels like a pleague. It feels like damage dealt to him doesn’t exist anymore.

4. I know…
This game is balanced around what the pros are saying. And you know what? I’m fine with that.
Fun Fact: The pros are saying this buff doesn’t help Reaper at all, so please reconsider it, this change hurts the game for the casual playerbase while it’s also not what the pros wanted.

I read an interwiev with Geoff where he said that Reaper’s E is not something that will suddenly turn into something that “you can use in combat like Tracer’s blink.”
Alright, still fine with that, then…consider something complete new and unique we haven’t seen yet?
I just hope we don’t have to wait months until they have enough “data collected” to realize that this change was a failure in every possible point of view.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

TL:DR: This Reaper change was a failure in all possible points. It’s not what the casual players wanted, not what the pros asked for. I think they should reconsider what they have done to Reaper. This doesn’t help the chracter, it just puts the game in a worse spot, balancewise.


Bit lazy right now so i just wanna say that reaper does NOT live through fan the hammer without assistance.


He actually can if you spam left click while you are stunned, try it. FotH isn’t a save kill against him anymore.

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This is all they have said for now:

I know, I meantioned that with Tracer’s blink in my post above. I kinda also talked about the second part, pros don’t sneak behing enemy lines very often. They should rework the ability completely. And the recent chnage was not needed. Lifesteal wasn’t his problem.

You’re taking too long to fan him after stunning him, then. He has 250 HP. Doomfist has 250 HP. Mei has 250 Hp. All of them a guranteed kills if FTH comboed (360 Dmg total, 390 if melee’d after and the target has no armor)

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Might be the case but the fact that he is almost full hp after hitting McCree or anyone else ONCE after the combo is just absurd.

This is only due to being pocketed. Reaper could survive a FTH before his buff if a mercy is healing him.

Fine, edited it, I believe you dps players on this one but this buff is still too much.

My experience, your mileage may vary:

He has become a team fixture in the precious metal ranks. If neither team is particularly coordinated, the team with the better Reaper wins. Even if a team is minimally coordinated, if they lack a Reaper while the other team has one, they are at a disadvantage.

It’s kind of like the Bastion ironclad thing a few years back, but not quite as extreme.

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So one hero decides a match, yea. This is just sad I hope they reconsider this change since Reaper feels like a must-pick.

They did comment on reaper in the recent interview.

And just said that his E (his actual problem) will stay useless. That’s not how to fix a hero…

He does. 1 shot is all he needs to survive the FTH.

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Not only to survive, he is back at full HP then, RIP little cowboy. :joy:

Not until OWL.

Yea while you might be right…let’s not talk about OWL here since that would get this thread closed. :joy::joy::joy:

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Did they remove Mei from lower ranked games or what?

While mei is rarely played on the lower ranks, yea, she shouldn’t be a requirement to have a chance of winning a game.

Don’t worry this will be addressed in the next patch … in 4 months.

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