Sooo where does illari fit in the ow universe?

Illari is someone who blew up her whole city and killed everyone and cant forgive herself. So what else is she? Is she joining ovewatch or something? They made lifeweaver be part of vishkar and connected him to symmetra, ramattra obviously being the leader of nullsector, they made kiriko be related to the shimadas and now protects kanezaka, so where does illari fit in? Is she just some edgy teen they made up?

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same thing with ashe, she have nothing to do in the game, was literally added because developers liked her design, but she was the character with less connections to the lore, before illari, she is not a potential ow agent like dva (she have nothing to do with the lore at all for years until ow2) or a potential villian, she will never be part of talon, so why she is in the game? why she had so much attention, even a novel?

but talking about illari, yeah, she have nothing to do, i think is good the new characters are more original than just taking someone who always existed but nobody mentioned until now

I think another problem with Illari at the moment is that it has a lore that is completely out of place with the current season, which instead seems dedicated to Ramattra and Sojourn. She would have been better contextualized with a map of her home country, but I guess we’ll get this location later (and I guess flashpoint).

Speculation time:
In current Overwatch lore I can only imagine 2 places where Illlari could have more interaction:

  • El dorado: the lore of this map is based on the energy that illuminates Mexico, and has associations with ancient sun religions. One might speculate that in the old story of the Sombra ARG, Guillermo Portero partly tried to recreate the energy system of the Inti warriors to re-establish the electrical grid in Mexico. But it needs to be better conceptualized to make it truthful/plausible;
  • Ilios: its Greek name literally means “sun”, and from Illari’s Origins video I have already seen those golden solar panels that provide energy to his country of origin. They are found on the roofs of the well of Ilios, and are even applied to the mill of this map. This could give us speculation as to why the Inti technology it’s in Greece.

the only difference with Ashe is that at least she was connected to an id faction that we had already heard about in the past in Overwatch lore (the deadlocj Gang). also via the ROute 66 map which has existed since dayone of OW1. The Inti warriors introduced with Illari, however, do not seem to have had any kind of relationship with the world.

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Shes the loner edgy rogue character in the dnd party with no ties to anyone else it seems

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you know hse is from peru, a complete different country from mexico? she represent incas, not aztec mythology, what happanes in dorado about the energy thing have nothing to do with her solar powers

ashe still is out of place, she could be only a character in the backgorund of mcree, is part of his personal story, no need to be in the game, not a complain tho, i like the character, but having nother cowboy from the same gang, was overkill, same thing goes for kiriko and junker queen, too much characters sharing the same plot elemnts and aesthetics

yes I know. I’m talking about geographic proximity. :sweat_smile:

not even close kid, peru is very far away from mexico, usa is closer and reaper maybe being part mexican have nothing to do with mexico

Why do people forget the writers will tie them into the story in later seasons. People who complain about where Illari fits in are just plain dumb lmao.

for years dva didnt fit at all in overwatch, was until ow2 she got involved on the lore, symetria neither, or lucio, or ashe, or the junkers, or the rat, now we have the queen, another unnecessary adition to the lore, how many years will take for every character to be part of the lore?

Just like Kiriko somehow training with Hanzo and Genji as kids when they have a ca. 20 year age gap?

no literally every other character has had some tie to the overwatch community some how shes literally the first to not be tied in anyway. i have dmed dnd for 12 years and her back story is the typical new to rpg and story telling type of backstory


For how ever long they can milk the story for

For the main story I would focus on the core characters of Overwatch and Talon basically everyone else not tied to those factions will have a non related side story where they only thing that ties to them is the fact they live in the same world. Or maybe they stumble on to some Null sector bots that just happens to be in the way of whatever it is there are doing, as for skill tree, well I can see making one for each character so rather than that I would have gear that alters they way the hero plays.
Single play will have story mission where you only have the heroes that are part of the story but there would be free play missions where it’s same mission but you can use any of the the characters.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to tie in those loose characters?

For example, Ashe has an arms deal with Talon, or Talon orchestrates an insurgence in Australia by giving the Junkers the ability overthrow the people who betrayed them.

Stuff like that.

I thought so too. but then I imagined a situation too similar to WoW with the Alliance and the Horde, hanging most of the narrative implications between the various characters (which wow then justified with “for azeroth” denying all the old rivalries in an unnatural way).

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