Somvra's Opinion on the balance changes

I know many not even care what I have to say, but I want to at east put it out there for other user who may care about my honest opinion on the recent changes.

Balance Changes’s Patch Notes

Link Above, for new users who haven’t seen the new patch notes.


First and foremost , I want to say that I am absolutely love the changes to Lucio.

I can finally be an effective Lucio user. :green_heart:

The one thing that drew me away from Lucio wasn’t Lucio himself, because he is one of the most fun heroes and he match my play style method (bunny hopping.)

But because I was never really good at Wall-riding like I should be. Don’t get me wrong, with enough practice and I will get there, but it seems like for me that every-time I wall ride, something always end up interrupting me to do so. So these changes was so welcoming.

I absolutely love the Soundwave now not consuming ammunition as I told plenty of my Lucio Mains Friends that his cool-down should not consume his ammunition at all.

Overall I felt like these changes will really help Lucio.


These changes to me did not really effect her too much, as she is still lethal outside of ultimate. Every time I play Tracer, but job was to harass the Supports and take out heroes of 200hp. The only time I go after tank, is for ultimate charge and that is it. Other than that I like these changes, as again she will not be effective by this too much.


I been seeing a lot of feedback of how Genji will be “dead” etc.
He is still a strong hero, and has one of the best ultimate in game still.

This is my opinion, and my opinion only.

The Deflect Changes was a FIX not a Nerf.

This pretty much sum up what I have to say about Genji, because I am prep that some Genji’s user may not be too please with me saying that his deflect was not a nerf, but a fix more so than anything.


Is it weird that I love this change, prior to pre-nerf changes.

I just feel like I am so much accurate and precise when it comes down to shooting his Primary bombs. It’s just something about it that I love about it now.

With the bombs being more precise, I feel like I have more so control on them, as the bombs won’t randomly bounce just “anywhere.”

As for the riptire, the speed reduction was needed as it does not really effect his overall potential of the ultimate.


This was my favorite change about him, as I fell in love with the new changes.

Now I don’t have to take my reticle off my target just to shoot at the opposing enemy’s feet to get a cheap OHK.

Just everything about these changes, I felt like it was for the best and he feels so much smoother to play now.


Well she is brig, so you got to love her… :wink:

U bring up some fair points but brig could really use a longer cooldown on her sheild bash.


Agreed. I just expressing how I felt about the changes that went live.

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As Malware, I don’t care what you have to say, as your friend, I love you, Somvra. As Malware, I dislike you.

Do with this information as you please, but I like the post and agree with most of it.

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Thanks Malware, I can always count on you. :wink:

But honestly though, thank you for the feedback! :sweat_smile:

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Lucio could get some mad speed after doing ‘wall ride skip’ where he would ride a wall and then immediately hop to another wall and he would gain mad speed if he could keep on doing this. I really hope these new changes don’t ruin that.

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I just preform in a match where I played as Lucio and I can safely say that these new changes allow Lucio to get to heighten areas that he could barely do before the buff.

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