Something is wrong with rank reset

I ended season 6 as plat 2.
Never played again till season 9. Don’t know any changes (for example i did not know hog has new thing)
Do placement. First game L. Says gold 5 expected. Go 7L-3W, place plat 4??.
Since placement play 6 game, 3W,3L, and I am plat 2 now. wtf?

L/W ratios are only one part.

It also takes you performance on the hero you play, and compares that to players of that hero in said ranks.

So If your performing well well as a plat player with your selected hero. You will be placed with people of a similar skill level.

The problem is I am getting absolutely stomped over. I am doing noting. The wins are purely my team having better player. As they say it, I am boosted.

There’s a. Thread about. Getting stomped unusually high but that’s likely a result of the new patch and the dps passive along with larger projectiles

See I’m having the same problem but backwards i have like 27 w and like 10 L but im somehow bronze 3 and i only get like 9% for wins

iirc win to loss ratio is the only thing that matters

Basically, T500s were pushed ALL THE WAY DOWN TO MASTERS. Meaning that until ALL of them are back to T500, the rest of us are gonna get stomped and stomp because of them with shocking regularity. They push everyone else down and carry all of the lobbies they’re in.

Rank right now is luck based unless you are very high GM or T500. Even as a mid GM, I haven’t been able to get out of M5 because I keep facing T500 players over and over again. It tanks my winrate. But in the same way that my winrate has gone down because of it, others can go up just because they’re getting higher ranks on their team more often than not. Which is, of course, luck based.

Hoping it’ll fix itself, otherwise I’m honestly done with comp

It’s not, their are videoes of people winning all their placements and still end up in gold ~ plat.

It is a much more complex system then people think.

Rank decay is a thing.

Your placement seems spot on with that in mind :man_shrugging:

I mean, I realised competitive integrity of this game hasn’t ever really existed considering ranking up depends on your team winning but you can’t control the outcome of a match by yourself. Until individual performance is what determines how much sr you gain/lose, competitive will never be taken seriously:/