Something is bothering me a little bit

Recently Geoff Goodman, basically gave an answer responding to Ana survivability.

So how come with Hanzo it was the opposite? They buffed his strengths and buffed his weaknesses - not just one. His biggest weakness was probably his lack of mobility when it was only Wall Climb. Now with Leap that extra added mobility is actually super strong and underrated. He can leap out of a Doomfist combo or a doomfist ult, leap away from a Winston diving/Dva diving, Tracer bomb on the floor, Dragonblade swing range, dash range, enemy Dragonstrike, Dva bomb, RIP tire (if youre extremely lucky)

You could argue his lack of mobility was too over bearing that it needed a buff, but with dive heroes (his counters) heavily on the decline, already from Brigitte and specific hero nerfs, would said weakness have remained over bearing?

I know his jump isnt far, but its on a very very short cooldown, so essentially has it every engagement.

Before any e-savages, or forum warriors raise thier pitch forks, Im not calling him OP or whatever, just a general discussion