Someone please explain SR?

I win 1 out of 5 matches as Tank: SR 2300

I win 4 out of 5 matches as support: SR 2000

Obviously I don’t understand SR. Please, someone, help…

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Was this your first placements? Being gold bordered I’d assume not. In which case, you previously had a higher tank SR than healer. So you were playing against higher SR opponents on tank.

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Wins don’t matter as much in comparison to your own personal performance per match. Not to mention it goes off of your rank from previous seasons per role. I’m assuming your tank was lower than your support in the first place then.

Your profile is private so I dont really know.

You can only place within 200SR -/+ of your previous season rank.

Basically the placements are the same as normal matches but your matched with a bigger sr net so if u wanna get ranked higher you have to have placed in that rank last season or be close enough where u can win matches to get to that rank. ex i wanted to be mastere dps so i climbed to 3400 then when placements came around won all of them and placed 3600

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I normally avoid Comp. I think I seriously played comp in Season 1 and 2, but, then, just avoided it.

However, my support play, objectively speaking, is far greater than my tank. I have a much higher “win” probability when I play support vs tank in a match. After playing LOTS of tank role (free loot boxes in QP) it’s quite unexpected how better my support role play ability has become. Play tank, get better at support, who knew?

I’m an OW boomer (season 1) but I never really delved into the whole Comp, SR and MMR and whatever else “r” in the game. Wish there was a different way to earn Gold Weapon coin besides Comp.

Don’t listen to anyone, sr is rng based, bliz don’t want you to know this

Placements are based on performance, not win/loss

Not sure about placement SR, but 2 games in a row i played Reinhardt, we won, I got 8 SR for each win. And I had basically all silver / gold medals. There’s definitely something glitchy going on in Open Queue.