Some changes on moira?

Once Moira has used her orbs and dash she has nothing during her cooldowns, literally nothing. She has a base attack that barely does any damage and no way to maneuver herself out of harm’s way bc she just literally has to run. The lack of utility she has is insane.

It contains 300 hp worth of healing which as far as i know stacks with her biotic grasp. Luckily, it will float away if you keep the Moira from staying by it.

I think one time a genji did slash, dash, slash again to kill me through the healing orb too.

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Well a moira isnt dumb enough to 1v6 with her abilities only

Correct. She can heal herself for 105 health a second when stacked with her healing orb (orb heals 75 a second). The orb’s healing can be “stolen” by her teammates too given her less personal sustain potentially.

Ultimately, I think she only survives two strikes and dies on the third from Genji blade assuming no outside help from either team. She can’t start healing herself until she’s taken damage from Genji already, time between Genji swings is .9 seconds and lasts 6 seconds, with an added 50 bonus damage with swift strike to ensure a kill. So between each swing, Moira is actually only healing 94.5 of her missing health, assuming perfect prediction and tracking with the beam. She should be dead in just under 2 seconds at 1.8 seconds. If we take into account fade, it’s a bit longer but she can’t be healed during fade, which lasts for .8 seconds.

I might also be bad at math, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong haha.


Well im not patient to search for that but i can tell you, not lying, i srsly bladed 4 times the moira, i didnt dash tho, but whatever, thx for the quich tips

If you want an exact comparison a ult goes out 20 meters in all directions so the edge of where you can take damage is where moira can attack from standing in the same place ( I tried using D.Va because I assume your a main so it’ll probably help you visualize it)

It’s not fun to die to her right click or orbs, they are cheap abilities, her skill floor is very low, she deserves less than her current state in my opinion or for her to be more difficult to play.

I believe you, but i don’t think that’s OP. If anything, you genuinely got outplayed or that Moira got VERY lucky.

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the only change i would be ok with is a nerf to her hitbox size and a buff to healing resource received…

it’ll do 2 things

  1. stop noobs from saying shes OP, because she isnt, by making her tracking use a bit more skill

  2. help her in higher elo where the constantly run out of resource meter since damage is crazy up there

Yeah, I mean this is also assuming perfect play from both characters and no outside help, which isn’t realistic. Even still, it seems like you may have made a mistake and went in without back up or were outplayed in some manner. If we add just a mercy healing who is staying outside of Genji’s blade range, Moira with orb heals for for 155.5 and will of course survive Genji if he doesn’t have help assuming everything else is the same.

Really though, in a 6v6, Genji’s ult gives him the added damage needed to take out characters like Moira assuming you’re playing it well and coordinating with your team. This also isn’t taking into account that Genji’s damage with blade is also AOE so you could potentially be cleaving more than just Moira as well.

Don’t y’all ever get sick of complaining about heroes who are nowhere near op?

It was a 5 stack dps, pretty sure moira was another one yikes

They aren’t cheap abilities, they’re terrible abilities with long cooldowns that make up a hero with low utility. She doesn’t deserve less than she has because she already doesn’t have anything. If you’re dying to her then you need to readjust what you’re doing because you’re being outplayed by a hero who, if anything, actually needs a buff or a positive rework, rather than a nerf as some people would like to see her have.

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A forum MOIRA post?

….April Fools was 10 days ago.

I can agree on nerfing the ranging of Moira’s rclick by 2 meters, but aside from that, she is fine

Right, I’m not sure of what the specific situation was. I just used Mercy a possible example. She could be solo healing, the point remains the same that something happened that resulted in you getting out played. The math doesn’t support her surviving 4 strikes even with perfect prediction and tracking on an ulting genji.

Edit: That’s assuming of course perfect play. Which again, I cannot stress enough, is not reasonable for you or the Moira in most cases. There’s a good chance you were just outplayed, made a mistake, or she was incredibly lucky.

I re-ask…Is this you ammy?

You are the 3rd person to say that, its getting boring :confused:

Nerfing Moira would literally make her unplayable. Play Moira and you will discover that. She is not a good hero.

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