Some 4chan leak about Overwatch 1 coming back

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So there’s some leak saying Overwatch is going through a major redesign with the goal being undoing the damage OW2 has done.

Now it might be foolish to find hope in such posts, but I’ll get drunk in anything saying Overwatch 1 can come back


I mean with the track record of the updates basically reverting back to OW1 (on fire system, 2cp in anniversary), I wouldn’t be surprised.


Consider the source.


I get it, I’m not saying it’s true.
But I want that game back so much I’ll just believe

That site is like, dedicated to making things up.



there is no way this soon

it would be the end of Aaron Keller

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Zero chance this is true (yet).

  1. No way they started a full redesign in the process of being acquired by MS.
  2. No way they started a full redesign with the exact same people who wrecked OW in the first place in charge. They’re clearly not capable.

well it’s too general a leak. for ow2 it seems to me that too much has changed to call it capable of resetting in ow1 without further damage. it is rather more plausible to imagine that they will bring back 6v6 in arcade mode or a separate competitive one. but a relaunch for overwatch cannot exist while still having coming soons on the narrative continuation of pve and literally NOW that ow2 has come out of its “early access” situation (but still with progressive coming soons on mastery mode).

I rather think that there are plans to propose to Microsoft when it becomes the boss of Activision, on how to proceed to keep the franchise interesting even without the esport plan. by now there are too many signs that the OwLeague cannot be renewed for 2024 and subsequent years, and I doubt that Microsoft will follow the madness of the “nba style” broadcasts that Activision had prepared for Overwatch2, a video game recognized by many as a meme of itself same.

what makes the leak unconvincing are all the speculation it makes for other games:

  • even if the D4 development team would be reduced, it is implausible to talk about a soft reboot without even having an idea of the final trends of a season 2;
  • defining dragonflight as a discarded mobile project is implausible, given that there is already a wow mobile project called archligth rumble. it’s true that dragon flight was developed quickly to make up for the shame of shadowlands as soon as possible, but that one day we would have seen dragons with possible playable classes… it doesn’t take a fortune teller who would have been galvanizing after having waited years since The last playable species (if I remember correctly, the pandaren).
  • to say that blizzard is planning a battle pass for wow too… is a bit of a prediction driven by the fact that it has already been done with ow2 and D4, anyone could say this. indeed, anyone would say that they would also apply it on heroes of the storm, if it wasn’t a live service now concluded.

And 4chan also told us Hammond was going to be a monkey that could interlock several pylons to form a custom-shaped shield back in like 2018. Forgive me if I take their words with a pinch of salt.

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To be fair someone leaked the entire content drop of 2017 on 4Chan and it was true. We shall see


4chan lol
anon characters

weird how chris metzen is coming back to world of warcraft. wonder if jeff kaplan would ever come back to overwatch and what would that mean

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Oh yeah, because when I think ‘credible source’ I immediately leap to the internet’s biggest collection of perverts, misogynists, and racists outside of a german socialist party get-together.


I don’t think blizzard even realizes that OW2 is killing OW.
Their dev updates are all with the head in the sand.


I think the devs realized it but can’t do nothing about it because of the higher executives and stuff like that.


I don’t believe the post meant that OW2 was going to be turned back into OW1. I believe that “Overwatch Next” as they call it, is going to be the “next step” (as the Dev team loves using this phrase) to OW2 post-Invasion.

I believe this is pressure from Microsoft after they bought out Blizzard (or so I’ve been told)

4chan hasn’t had credible leaks for Overwatch since 2017

(like when we learned they were making a new tank with 4 legs nicknamed Anchora)

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4chan is a complete diceroll when it comes to leaks. They managed to correctly predict OW2 and some new heroes, but a lot of predictions were fake.

I’ll hold my breath until I see it be true.

Here’s a trick for links I got taught in my early forum days.
When you want to post a link but it doesn’t allow you to cos “media not allowed” etc, copy and paste the link, highlight it by selecting it with your mouse and press this icon </> and it will end up looking like this:

This would literally be the Overwatch Recall in real life but with the agents being the staff that left. Aarnold Tsang, Jeff Kaplan, Geoff Goodman etc being the recalled agents and Bobby being either Null Sector or the Petras Act.

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Fair points, I’m also taking it with a grain of salt for obvious reasons, I’m just a lot hopeful they are true tho.

Well in the same video, it is mentioned Hearthstone is “on its last legs”. And as of right now, I’m seeing a video from a popular HS content creator titled “Massive layoffs at hearthstone”.
It might be a coincidence, but it might be not.

Thanks mate

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