Sombra is now the only hero in the game who does not gain ult charge from self-healing

Your rationale for countering the OP lives up to your name.

You don’t really care about what you say, do you?

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Hack is overtuned now. i’m sure they think that balances it out


I’m not asking for her to be unbalanced. Ult charge gain from hacked health packs is not a mechanic that inherently can not be balanced. Taking it away flat out was just the easy solution. Reducing the amount of charge gained from packs substantially would have been sufficient in getting rid of the EMP bot play-style, and nerfing that aspect of her kit without taking it away outright.

As I said in the OP, it can be at a reduced rate to how it was before and be balanced. To claim that giving her back ult charge on self-healing makes her an “emp farm bot” is like saying that Roadhog being able to heal half his health for ult charge makes him a “whole hog farm bot.” There is no difference.

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sombra is the only hero that “self heals” from Health Packs. TBH the continuity between characters is better this way… if that is your argument.

Sombra doesn’t become a heal pack.

She’s not self healing.


It being slower is just fine.

Before it took 20 to 30 seconds to get ult and it’s one of the strongest ults in the game


Thank you. I have absolutely no problem with people debating my argument. In fact, discussion before consensus is healthy in coming to a reasonable conclusion.

However, if there is no substance in your response… then why bother commenting in the first place? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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If she is still charging her ult at roughly the same rate and by all indications she is, then why does it matter?

The devs didn’t like the hack a fat healthpack and farm it until EMP is up playstyle. This is how they changed it.

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I will still use my health packs for heals because I can’t depend on supports to do their job. End of last season couldn’t even depend on someone picking a support.

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Almost like they keep nerfing them and support mains don’t care anymore.

And now buff the heroes that will bug them more.

Strange how the game is lacking support players now . . .


That would be a buff and everyone suspects that she is absurdly OP. We should wait for a bit and assess the state of her balance first.

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Honestly, her damage output isn’t that much higher. I did a lot of testing on the PTR before this went live, and all that a 0.3 reduction in spread did, was make her damage more consistent. You’re less at the mercy of RNG, as to whether or not your bullets hit who you are aiming at. It is a good QoL change, but not as substantial as people are making it out to be.

There did need to be a trade-off for the buff to hack. However, they should have nerfed the numbers in that part of her kit, rather than removing it outright. Even if the numbers were reduced substantially to compensate.

My argument is more about the correlation between the healing done stat and ultimate charge gain. Sombra has an ability that increases her “healing done,” yet, she is the only character who does not gain ult charge from raising that. It’s inconsistent with the way the rest of the characters in the game work.

Then, why does her healing done stat increase when she takes a pack she has hacked – the same way that a Roadhog’s healing done stat increases when he takes a breather?

I don’t think that you’re taking into account what made it so fast before. She could get her ult that quickly when tanks with large health pools were farming her packs. Giving her back ult charge via self-healing would still eliminate that admittedly broken mechanic, while keeping her ult charge slower than it was before.

This seems so obvious; I don’t know why people have a problem with it. Why should hacking a health pack suddenly turn it into self-healing?

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Where are you getting the statistics that say her ult is charging at roughly the same rate as it was before? I believe that the changes would have to be live for a little bit longer than they have been, in order to see how many EMPs Sombras are averaging compared to before.

It’s gaining at roughly the same rate as before because outside of professional tournaments, nobody ever used hacked health packs.

Most people on your team would actively avoid them, choosing to run by them with half health and die instead.

If you asked them to focus on using a health pack, I was usually greeted with something along the lines of “switch off sombra or go kill yourself”

Because, as has been stated many times throughout this thread, her “healing done” stat is raised by taking it. The same way that it is increased when Roadhog uses take a breather, Bastion uses repair, Soldier: 76 used biotic field, Mei uses ice block, etc. Sombra is an abnormality to this already established rule.

That is a fair argument. I am fine with waiting – I just don’t want her hacked packs to ultimately remain in a state where there are more benefits to letting a support heal off your damage, rather than using them.

Hell, I’d be fine with it if they just included this in the next PTR patch, just to test how it would pan out in practice.

I have to disagree with that. When she was first released, people were not taking her packs. As time went on, however, people started to see how absurdly broken it was if they did.

In my experience, it is not charging anywhere near as fast as before. My record for enemies EMP’d in competitive was 39. Now, it averages around 10.

That is not to say that it should be as fast as it was before. What made my record 39, was friendly tanks farming my ult – and I admit that, that was horrifically unbalanced.

However, we’ve gone to the other extreme now. Giving her back ult charge gain via self healing would maybe increase that number to 15-20 per game – still around half of what it was before. I believe that is a fair compromise.

Maybe at GM level or something.

At most ranks people would just act like they didn’t exist while complaining about not getting enough healing.

Indications, as in reports from the PTR and current live build from players. I’ve yet to see one complaint that her EMP now charges too slowly.

So back t the question. if this is true why would it matter if she no longer gains charge from healthpacks?

Probably because it’s a health pack.


If she gained ult charge from health pack still all you would do on Sombra would be taking damage intentionally and going back to the pack to charge ult, over and over. With this patch they are trying to change her into a proper flanker dps that gets the F in and does damage. That’s the main ult charge mechanic now - dealing damage.

You still want to farm health packs with her but now without your teammates ? Instead of actually being a dps ? You guys ok ?

You are asking for something only becouse other characters kinda sorta have it too, without even thinking how would that affect Sombra’s gameplay… i swear the feedback from forum community for Overwatch is useless