Sombra is now the only hero in the game who does not gain ult charge from self-healing

Played sombra on qp just now and got ultimate just after 3 kills… easy peasy

I think reduced ult charge from self healing would’ve been a cleaner solution than making her get no ult charge at all from self-healing. It would keep the game internally consistent while still being a nerf to that aspect of her game.


You logically know why they made it like this. They explained it clearly why they needed to disable that function. She would be too overwhelmingly oppressive with both styles. Why do you people act like things must follow a certain principle? It’s a friggin video game :expressionless:

Her emp is also worthy of being slower to charge with how much more it can hack now.


The spread decrease is not substantial enough to make your ult charge as fast as it was before. Play with her for a while, and you’ll see that it’s quite a deal slower, even if your accuracy is good.

However, that’s not the point of this argument anyways.

As I said in the OP, you benefit your team more by getting healed by your supports, rather than dropping your trans on a hacked pack and going back to it for healing. It’s true that you can still use that play style, but you’re hurting your team by doing that. And even if it’s marginal – that seems wrong.

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“No other hero doesn’t get ult charge for self-healing except the other two that also don’t”



Video games establish and follow rules… that’s what makes it a game.

You’re right, they did make it clear. To quote the patch notes:

The goal was to make it so her ult couldn’t be farmed at insane speeds by tanks with large health pools. I can agree that, that needed to go. Giving her ultimate charge gain off of self-healing would still accomplish that goal. Sombra’s 200 hp would act as a “cap” to how much charge could be gained from a single pack – making it still charge EMP slower than it did before, while maintaining some benefit to picking it up.

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Fun Fact Mercy’s passive actually DOES go towards her overall healing it just doesn’t give her ult charge. That’s besides the fact though. I do agree that it’s a little butt jarring for Sombra to not get ult charge from hacked health packs but that’s all it is, “jarring” it’s nothing to bad and I can honestly live it with if it makes her less of an EMP not and more of an actually offensive hero.


So, it’s clear that the point went straight over your head.

Tracer and Mercy’s “self-healing” does not increase their healing done stat. That is why “self-healing” was in quotes. Because true self-healing, such as Roadhog’s take a breather, Soldier’s biotic field, Bastion’s repair, etc. all do increase their healing done stat – and thus, they gain ultimate charge from it.

Sombra’s healing done stat increases when she picks up a health pack. Yet, she does not gain ultimate charge from it. Making her the only character who does not gain ultimate charge from self-healing.

Hope that cleared things up for you.


Balance doesn’t mean it follows principles though. Why should sombra folllow some irrelevant statistic that you’re focusing on if it would make her inconsistent to balance.
(And even then i dont personally see it as balance since it looks like power creep to me)

It’s alrdy clear that they want her to be more combat focused and less of an emp farm bot. And there’s alrdy so much to gain from a hacked health pack. Not giving ult or following your stressed principle isnt the end of the world


Amen. Nerfing the amount of charge gained from taking hacked health packs enough would have gotten rid of the “EMP bot” play-style anyways – if it was slow enough that it became a small “bonus,” rather than something that can be abused. Now, the mechanic has been taken to the other extreme, and is arbitrarily exempt from any already establish rules about healing.

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Your rationale for countering the OP lives up to your name.

You don’t really care about what you say, do you?

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Hack is overtuned now. i’m sure they think that balances it out


I’m not asking for her to be unbalanced. Ult charge gain from hacked health packs is not a mechanic that inherently can not be balanced. Taking it away flat out was just the easy solution. Reducing the amount of charge gained from packs substantially would have been sufficient in getting rid of the EMP bot play-style, and nerfing that aspect of her kit without taking it away outright.

As I said in the OP, it can be at a reduced rate to how it was before and be balanced. To claim that giving her back ult charge on self-healing makes her an “emp farm bot” is like saying that Roadhog being able to heal half his health for ult charge makes him a “whole hog farm bot.” There is no difference.

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sombra is the only hero that “self heals” from Health Packs. TBH the continuity between characters is better this way… if that is your argument.

Sombra doesn’t become a heal pack.

She’s not self healing.


It being slower is just fine.

Before it took 20 to 30 seconds to get ult and it’s one of the strongest ults in the game


Thank you. I have absolutely no problem with people debating my argument. In fact, discussion before consensus is healthy in coming to a reasonable conclusion.

However, if there is no substance in your response… then why bother commenting in the first place? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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If she is still charging her ult at roughly the same rate and by all indications she is, then why does it matter?

The devs didn’t like the hack a fat healthpack and farm it until EMP is up playstyle. This is how they changed it.

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I will still use my health packs for heals because I can’t depend on supports to do their job. End of last season couldn’t even depend on someone picking a support.

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Almost like they keep nerfing them and support mains don’t care anymore.

And now buff the heroes that will bug them more.

Strange how the game is lacking support players now . . .