Sombra is broke

Sombra is such a broken character. It’s ridiculous. They need to nerf her. If you’re a tank, it’s not terrible, but you can’t play Wido, Ash, Symmetra, any character without her camping and destroying you with hardly any effort.


Okay but this part of the forum is about the story…
Was this a post made in blind rage?

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I completely agree. She gets far too much value for the effort required. Permanent invisibilty is dumb. Damage buff on hacked targets is dumb. Virus is dumb. Coupled with dps passive she’s completely broken. I disagree with you saying it’s not terrible to play tank against her. Try playing ball and winning the first teamfight, guess who comes out? Always, every single time… The only viable tanks against a decent sombra is and winston. She’s the most cancer character by far this season.