Sombra 4 nerfs for NOTHING ! OWL: pickrate

dont you know? samito showed how sombra is broken by playing her …in plat

Sombra needs some of these these things or all of them as compensation for the recent nerfs.

  • Walk/run speed same as Genji and Tracer
  • Sugar skull on top of hacked enemies for the duration of the hack.
  • Spread on the gun tightens the longer you hold down left click, till you reload, then it resets.
  • You do 10% more damage to targets that are hacked.
  • Teammates can see hacked targets through walls in a certain range. Like they do her health packs that have been hacked.

You’ll see these things are not HUGE buffs, but will help her be a bit more impact outside of her hack/Emp.

she also neeed to keep her mouth close
everytime she does somthing she talks
put a translocator, use it , when it s detroyed cloak decloack
it stealth heroes she s not suppose to tell everyone what she does

First off digging up posts from other threads reeks of desperation, second my opinion on sombra remains the same as when i first saw her on PTR. Shes a terribly designed hero who will either be weak due to having enough counterplay to where shes not an annoying fun killer, or an annoying fun killer. Stealth and absurd mobility is annoying, long duration disables that basically remove heros from the roster by simply existing as a threat are annoying but putting them on the same hero was just plain dumb.

If sombra wasnt a stealth hero the counterplay to hack would be shields and positioning. But because the rest of sombras kit completely invalidates that. Theres a few directions sombra could go. Make her a support and scrap all the stealth skills for support skills. Make her a dps and take alot of power out of hack and emp in exchange for consistent damage, or make hack a skillshot and give emp more counterplay.

difference between those and hack is that good positioning and gamesense can help alleviate all of those. But since sombra has infinite stealth and mobility, it doesnt matter where you are if a sombra wants to hack you, shes going to hack you no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

Well this is highly opinionated. Play Hanzo, Soldier, Widow, McCree, and you’ll destroy a sombra after she thought it was smart to hack you. The only one’s she’s “oppressive” against are ability reliant hero’s, which she’s supposed to destroy.

You still do. Hacking people with old hack was actually easier because of the old LoS tech.

Dude. She is still SO LOUD.

That change did nothing to her counter play. She still can’t do anything while in stealth except press WASD, just like old stealth. And experienced Sombra players gained little to nothing from the change.

Yeah… and those help with hack too. I speak from experience.