Sombra 4 nerfs for NOTHING ! OWL: pickrate

The Developers have made no secret of the fact that they just don’t like her.


Sombra isnt as trash as people make her out to be. Just because your hacks and emps have no followup doesn’t mean sombra is useless. Play any character smartly and 90% people will have a hard time figuring out the solution. But then again we have Mei and brig :grinning:.

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I don’t care at this point… it has always been nerfs for her.

Even when they try to buff her and when they do buff her is with things that make no sense such as permanent invisibility and translocator uptime.

The one time she was strong she was immediately nerfed back.

And at this point:
I’m OK with that

I don’t care about being a throw pick or people sneering at me the entire game, as I enjoy playing the hero regardless, even if she manages very little.

It is in everyone’s detriment that we play Sombra, not just ours, but at least we have fun doing it.


People need to stop comparing OWL stats to OW ladder lol


I feel your pain mate
I remember the last rework sombra they said " we dont want sombra to be an emp bot "
and guess what she s still an emp bot if you play sombra dont bother trying to kill 200hp heroes an hacked soldier will have a the advantage on you , just shoot at the tanks until you have your emp

I am on the edge to loose any hope about the dev like

I am just upset that my hundreas of hours on sombra is destroyed because of a silly reason

now the last stage 222 prove that they wrong about sombra beeing op in pros

I play sombra 60% of my game but having those nerf … I[quote=“Rage-22988, post:10, topic:380789”]
but now the passive will reveal all damaged enemies which should help Sombra identify targets in her line of sight to pick off. Overall these changes should make her more effective and less reliant on her ultimate.

thanks you for the quotes
so they removed the buff and her passive ?


100% agree with you here, these were their words and that’s why they removed the healthpacks as a source of ult.

And what did she do in her entire existence in OWL?
Farm EMP

What is she known at high levels of play with Jayne even recommending to farm EMP by shooting things from a distance instead of upclose?
Farm EMP

You’re not a dps, you’re an EMP machine and now people should have more time to react to that, because seemingly, everyone was dying to the imminent and almighty EMP - gimme a break!


Good. She is unhealthy for the game. I agree with Blizzard 100% on these nerfs, they know how bad she is for the game.

you can enjoy your victory the dev team listen to you sombra hater she was already the hardest heroes to play in ranked and she got 4 nerfs so she s virtually deleted from the game

I never understood why they tinkered with the time it took to hack then. Its been a common complaint that Sombra hacks way too fast. I have 300 hours and I think its too fast.

I’d rather they allocate that power to other parts of her kit rather than gutting hack length


yeah they want to nerf sombra hack and they did it but at the same time they dont want a sombra gun buff because you know sombrais a dps whos isnt suppose to kill you know she s a " disruptor" we dont want to make" a tracer 2.0"

so her damage is low because of her utlity kit but they nerf her utlity but buffing her damage?no

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The devs dont want her viable. This is not a balance decision.
This is a “we want to appeal to the i dont like to play against her crowd” decision.


Yeah I hate not being able to use abilities but I sure love
-flash-fth every time you turn a corner
-Being ones shotted by a random junk bomb
-getting punched into oblivion
-Being hit by a literal rock
-Being charged when you’re no where near Rein
-Reaper healing all the dmg you unload into his head in one shot
-Freeze plus headshot
-The blue screen of death by WidowXPVista whenever im not behind a wall or shield

But yes, hack is the most annoying…


And don’t forget Widow “you drop dead before you even knew she was there” maker.

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Ugh, don’t you know that hack is an instant death button, and it’s also no-aim? :triumph: /s

yeah lemme add that XD.

OH so THATS why my team flames me for picking her despite her having a supposed insta win ability 4head im so clueless sometimes!

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dont you know? samito showed how sombra is broken by playing her …in plat

Sombra needs some of these these things or all of them as compensation for the recent nerfs.

  • Walk/run speed same as Genji and Tracer
  • Sugar skull on top of hacked enemies for the duration of the hack.
  • Spread on the gun tightens the longer you hold down left click, till you reload, then it resets.
  • You do 10% more damage to targets that are hacked.
  • Teammates can see hacked targets through walls in a certain range. Like they do her health packs that have been hacked.

You’ll see these things are not HUGE buffs, but will help her be a bit more impact outside of her hack/Emp.

she also neeed to keep her mouth close
everytime she does somthing she talks
put a translocator, use it , when it s detroyed cloak decloack
it stealth heroes she s not suppose to tell everyone what she does

First off digging up posts from other threads reeks of desperation, second my opinion on sombra remains the same as when i first saw her on PTR. Shes a terribly designed hero who will either be weak due to having enough counterplay to where shes not an annoying fun killer, or an annoying fun killer. Stealth and absurd mobility is annoying, long duration disables that basically remove heros from the roster by simply existing as a threat are annoying but putting them on the same hero was just plain dumb.

If sombra wasnt a stealth hero the counterplay to hack would be shields and positioning. But because the rest of sombras kit completely invalidates that. Theres a few directions sombra could go. Make her a support and scrap all the stealth skills for support skills. Make her a dps and take alot of power out of hack and emp in exchange for consistent damage, or make hack a skillshot and give emp more counterplay.