Solo Tanks and Supports

I wouldn’t go guessing what the developers would do. In fact, the safe bet is they won’t do much of anything. I’m not so sure DPS players dwarf tanks and supports combined either but they may be a majority.

As is the standard for games with similar queue systems. Horde players can wait 20+ minutes for LFR or LFD or battlegrounds, especially as DPS. It’s a natural deal, and yes–there are 3 DPS slots for a dungeon of 5 people. There are up to 15 slots for DPS in a raid of 20. It still happens. Trying to warp tank balance around it especially when that affects the gameplay experience rather than the “I don’t want to do something else while I queue” experience isn’t fair, regardless of the tanks being the “minority”. Tanks already get the balancing short end of the stick and the hero pool short end of the stick.

Not even to mention that reworking off-tanks–the majority of tank players at that–into DPS for this convoluted “hehe let’s make DPS queues shorter” strategy is only gonna force more players into that DPS queue. Solo tanking is going to force a hefty chunk of the remaining tank players into doing something else. The tank pool will be, what, Orisa, Reinhardt, Winston, Sigma, and maybe Hammond if he’s not somehow shunted into DPS? Wow, look at those options. I can’t even count them on one hand–oh wait, I can. No one’s gonna let D.Va be a solo tank, so she’s gotta go DPS. Maybe you can finagle Zarya. Hog isn’t gonna be a tank. It’s not going to lower DPS queue times in the end.
A minority of the players play the meta. We still balance around the meta. A minority–albeit a close minority–of Mercies did severe hide and rez. We still got rid of it.
Nuking the tanking experience because “my queues need to be catered to” is rude.

hehe grammar argument

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Would still die in less then 6 seconds tho…

How does a “compromise” between 2/2/2 and 1/3/2 look though?
1 1/2 Tanks, 2 1/2 DPS?

There isn’t any space left for compromises between the 2 options that are on the table.

How exactly did they cater to tanks and supports?
Did I miss anything important?

222 was basically so that they would neva eva EVAH have to solo tank/support again (or be balanced around triple stacking) and tanks are throwing a hissy fit because they are losing that luxury and that is unacceptable. Dps be damned.

Not really, it is more to do with they don’t want to be the focus of all 6 enemies and if they die for the fight to be lost. That is a lot of added pressure that having 2 tanks currently alleviates. If you read the post jeff wrote, some tanks actually really enjoyed 132, but some also felt the pressure was too much. Here is the post:

Of course reactions are all over the place, so some tanks are throwing a hussy fit, but others (like me) are open to the idea. I still think it has a lot of negatives, but if 132 could solve queue time issues and not drastically change how most tanks work, I would accept it easily.

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We would have to adjust all tanks and probably some DPS as well.

2-2-2 already brought in a lot of pressure into the game, if we switch it up to solo tanking, it’s even more work and more time to adjust it, how long only Blizz knows but some heroes haven’t been adjusted for 2-2-2 yet even though it has been 3 months… Consider every tank would need hefty changes, that’s 8 harsh changes right there.

And all that for something that could go either way, because I ain’t queueing for solo tanking and I think that’s a shared sentiment among the community. If make that the default, queue times could not change at all or even get worse.

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It will maybe shave 2-3 minutes of queue but it would require drastic changes to at least half the tanks to work.

I believe you’re posting in the wrong thread, bud. It’s like you just read the title without the single paragraph at the start.

Split main tanks and main supports into sub-roles of heroes to be buffed so they can solo their roles. Cap of one main tank and one main support per team. Team selection restrictions of at least one hero per role (tank, DPS, support) and at most three heroes per role. No role queues. All varieties of 3-2-1 and 2-2-2 compositions are possible.

Even that is useful

Maybe, although hammond was already run without a second tank before role queue, Rein, Orisa, and Winston wouldn’t need major changes, Sigma would need some power shifting towards defense maybe, and the other 3 would need reworked into dps. That is my vision of how it could go, but it is limited in perspective as I only have my own experience to draw from

Well Jean I said “solo tanking isn’t fun period end of sentence”. I understand that you said “lets make solo tanking fun by making tanks raid bosses” essentially. I’m saying not only is solo tanking not fun but also reworking and limiting an entire class that already has like 8 heroes even more isn’t fair, bud.

1-3-2 is a bad idea too.

So your mindset is to hold a majority hostage at the implacable whims of a minority. People like you should simply be run over.

Why do you say that? I don’t really like it myself, but if done correctly I think it could work at least as well as 222 has

I’m kinda down for 4-1-1

Imagine how strong and more fun to play could tanks and supports become.

Sad thing is that we’d probably lose off tanks and off healers.

But imagine Zenyatta with 5 healing orbs and 2 discords or 50 hps Lucio’s aura.

It would be interesting but I think it would cause unnecessary balance issues.

I could use some spare lawsuit change feel free brah

saying a 5 minute queue is holding dps players hostage is high camp dude I wait 20+ minutes for BGs. The secret? do other stuff in the meantime. Fill occasionally.

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Because 2-2-2 doesn’t work well either. There’s a way to have all these options without the queue times. Buffing a subset of heroes would also make them more attractive while limiting them opens up slots for the hybrids many prefer.

I don’t think the forum servers can handle the flood of complaints about Zenyatta being “OP”.

Off tanks probably right, but with supports it would more likely be we lose single target supports. Mercy, Ana, and Zen would need more work to be able to solo heal a whole team than ones who already have aoe heals

All you’re doing is demonstrating the point. The developers need to realize they have many stupid, selfish players in their community who are primarily passengers.