Soldier main since sason 3, i want to say sometime too

hello community, i just want to say some things about that developer think soldier is totally fine, while obvius he isnt, i really love ow in general, but i catch this hero more because i like to play shooter game, bf, cod mostly, so soldier was my hero in this game, i reahed master i remember when i started playing, because the game was more balane overall i guess, i reached almost gm 2 seasons back in that day, i just want to say all the problem we have right now started with brig, they released brig to counter dive meta, one shoting tracer, never dying and having lucio ultimate 100x better, they even admited that brig was broken in every aspect, instead of adding winston more cooldown to his barrier, maybe nerf a litle bit dva, they refuse to do it and released her, them they just reased overloaded hero every one to another, moira dueling dps because she can do that and insaly heal at the same time (multirole hero), orisa was fine , but for some reason they just SUPER BUFFED she for no reason too, them come goats, i just quit that game at this point, it was not a shooter anymore, i come back again to give a try and holy crap, doomfist is a broken hero in miles, mei is a low skill high reward braindead hero, reaper 40% lifesteal is unkilleable, bap got super buffed to at point that he is a better version of soldier 76 (another multi role hero), them the gamebreaking hero of all, sigma, what the hell they think to released this hero, he have literally everything, cc, self sustain, high damage, low cooldowns, one of the best ultimate in the game, defense matrix wannabe ability plus give him even more shield (multirole hero again) i just want to play soldier again just one game, but i cant, hanzo one shot from large distance, doomfist jump in to you, youre dead, your healer are dead, mei walls are impossible to break, and freezing tanks allways working because his walls have too much hp, plus she dont have fallof damage, wtf bro, another multirole tank dps hero

and there is, soldier cant even reload while running like every other hooter game, his ultimate is the most easy to avoid, he cant shoot and put biotic field and shoot helix rocket at the same time, he constan reloading because he have insane spread i dont know why at this point.

if all others hero i mentioned got nerfed, i would just ask soldier reload while running buff, but seems devs dont play the game and think soldier is fine in gm with only dafran playing him, lmao, sorry if my english is bad, not my main language.


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Inb4 block text complaints

Summary - too many heroes are broken (brig in particular)…and soldier is weak…and apparantly soldier can’t reload while moving??

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As per usual, the community has taken something that one(!) developer said and have blown it way out of proportion.

They never suggested that Genji/76 were completely fine, rather that the community may possibly be making them out to be worse than they actually are.

There was also nothing to suggest that either character wouldn’t be looked at in future patches.

People are welcome to disagree with what was said, but the way in which some people have criticised the post leaves me to think that they didn’t even read what was said.

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Yeah, he also admitted that he failed to express the whole thing right.
Many players seem to forget about this.

Bro, the Soldier is dead, bury it, consider this mercy.