Soldier 76 kit is outdated, he need a rework

Mmm I know, but being able to focus a squishy behind a shield could still potentially be effective.
Another reason why I can’t stand hearing mccree mains complain about his ult. It’s good. In the time he’s charged up enough to kill 4/6 members of a team, soldiers probably barely even killed one.

It’s not even close at this point. Soldier’s ult is pointless. Only thing he can potentially kill is probably clumsy Mercy who is floating above her team.

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He is good at everything but a master of none. This is why you would pick him.

Remember season 3 or so, triple tank soldier with 21 damage per bullet and he was op and broken…Boy how far we have come lol.

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Name one situation where Soldier is better than any other hero.

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Soldier is great. His real issue isn’t inherent to him. It’s that power creep has destroyed him.

The game needs to be dialed back around Soldier. Buffing him or reworking him are unnecessary and would add to the problem.

Also, I still get work done with him all the time.


Soldier’s ultimate has 0 carry potential, has one of the slowest charge rates even with good aim and gets countered by everything. The ability has been a meme since like 2017 and needs to be either massively buffed (f.e. manual headshots & being able to shoot whilst sprinting) to be even remotely viable or replaced. Also, reload whilst sprinting STILL isn’t possible despite it being only a small yet useful change and people asking for it for years.

Apart from that other dps (mainly Ashe and Cree) need to be nerfed. They’re honestly easier to play than Soldier whilst also being more effective.

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That’s the problem. McCree is burst. He shouldn’t be able to maintain Soldier’s DPS

His damage feels really meh, You either barely do enough dmg and then reload, or the one you do gets instantly healed.

I have lost duels of soldier vs sombra, and her tracking was worse than mine. Yes his bullets do 20 damage each , but his firerate and how often you reload makes him just not feel that good.

Really wish they buffed his ammo from 25 to 30 and on his skins made the first 5 bullets not count, his rocket having less cooldown really was not what i wanted
Even a reload speed buff would be ok, but i’m not a fan of touching characters fire rates or reload speeds.

And i know he has a skill to heal himself… but it barely heals , i’m not joking i had ulti + E and a random junkrat granade plus 1 ana was enough to make me go from 200-0.
Game has to much damage for soldiers E to do anything worhwhile 70% of the time


Burst is more unforgiving to aim, which, in theory, should even out. Mccree’s reload is devastating and he has lower survivability than Soldier

The problem I think is that most heroes in the game have short cooldowns between their “100-0 burst”. Widow, Hanzo, Ashe (with Mercy Pocket) can insta-kill 200 hp heroes each time they primary. Doom does it with ability cycles that are roughly in the 4s zone. Mei does the freeze set-up. Bastion is Soldier, but 300 hp. Junkrat just primary-abilities and kills. Mcree does his flashbang then jeopardies you a death (you wanna be headshot or melee’d? Take your pick!). If he had utility of some kind, he’d be better but all he has is a personal sprint, a REALLY weak aoe heal field, and helix rocket. His primary is surprisingly good (is that how we say it?) but nothing else really is.

If we were to make him viable, we’d need to HARD nerf almost the entire cast. But that’s a lot of work, and Blizz enjoys sneaky powercreep (laughs in Spellburst at Hearthstone, Medivh for HotS). Instead (base ideas, bear with me):

Remove self-damage from ALL heroes. Soldier, Pharah, Sigma come to mind.
Helix Rocket is a 120 direct, 40-80 splash aoe ability on a 6 second cooldown. Helix up to 60-100 and 145 would be better- or 5, possibly even 4 second cooldown.
Biotic field no longer interupting his reloads would be QoL.
Visor giving inf-ammo or negating reloads would be nice. Perhaps an attack speed boost so when he visor’s you feel it. Compare the speed of Visor to Tire, Barrage, Blade (without nano ofc), or even just Echo’s basic sticky bomb ability and you realize it’s not all that great.

Rough ideas. I think making him ult centric could be fun, and easy to balance. That or adding cdr/utility. Biotic field boosting his allies damage output while they are in it could be REALLY cool (or broken).

Soldier has poor kill secure. His primary fire isn’t really the problem as much as other DPS units have their KS always available to them. Soldier relies heavily on his Helix Rocket (which is a slow projectile on a 6 second cooldown) to get any kills. His kills are capped at 1 every 6 seconds, while every other hitscan kills are capped at their normal rate of fire.


his kit is actually overtuned, the problem is that the game is currently ultimate-driven and he has one of the worst ultimates in the game which is the reason why he isn’t picked because even McCree has a better ultimate that immediately breaks shields and gives your team an advantage. Pulse Bomb can be a solo kill pre-fight and don’t get me started on Nanoblade. How can Visor compete with that.

But 1v1 he’s one of the strongest heroes, excellent kit and like I said, perhaps overtuned.

I’m skeptical about that claim. McCree and Widow have terrible ultimates.

Widow is her own category because she can get solo kills on her own. Even then, in current meta, Widow mostly gets kills by flanking due to too many shields. Here it’s burst damage vs the sustain of Soldier to which you can react. You can flank as Soldier as well but you need very above average aim, especially with Helix.

McCree ult is still better than Visor, can occasionally get kills on people out of position or something like Pharmercy and at worst it’s an immediate shieldbreak on the enemy tanks.

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That doesn’t really support the claim the game is Ultimate Driven, though. Mei and Torb have some of the best ultimates in the DPS class, but aren’t seeing as much play. The only one who really supports your claim is Genji.

he could do with two things

1st - being able to reload when running
2nd - during his ult if the player hold the crosshair over the enemy crit box it does crit damage this can reward the player for aiming.

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Torb is played a ton on ladder. Mei is a bit weak in terms of her kit right now and also the current meta tanks are strong vs her ult (Sigma can eat it always - you can react to it no need to predict), Orisa can gold out of it.

I mean 180 dps with no spread is his issue?

Soldier is a soft-throw most of the times. Baptiste is far better than him.
It takes an eternity to break shields with him, but you usually spring to bypass that.
His ult is weaker than his primary fire, so you may end up not using it at all if you’re not boosted.

I suggest:

  1. Increase the ammo to 30
  2. Reload when running
  3. Enable enemy crit box during Tactical Vision
  4. Increase the shooting speed by 15% during Tactical Vision

At least 2nd and 3rd should be needed.