Soldier 76 kit is outdated, he need a rework

soldier must add something specific to give it a reason to be pick, being mediocre in all areas is not enough in 2020.


His bloom is what makes him very weak tbh


I wish the other DPS got nerfed to his level instead of soldier being buffed to theirs. He is at an arguably good state of not too good not too bad, and requires consistent skill/effort to make good use out of. I feel like Genji was the same way before the buffs.


Soldier is not mediocre. He is good. He is good in all areas. Just because he isn’t the best doesn’t mean he isn’t good.


Soldier is at a power level that all other DPS should be at. If we do that, then we could reduce the power of both healers and tanks as well.

A.k.a. let’s get rid of power creep.


Honestly id kind of agree.

partially because soldier right now in my opinion is actually really powercreeped right now, if you were to ask me, id nerf him in exchange for buffs elsewhere,

i dont know why blizzard has this obsession with making primary hitscans good against barriers. Thats exactly why they are broken right now

legit, hitscans have the most reliable damage method in the game, there is no need for them to also BUFF them against barriers.

soldier isnt good because simply, despite beeing powercrept, the other DPS are just way stronger.

so i dunno how you would fix soldier without powercreeping him more,

maybe add a F ability?

Dont let it bloom then?

And I don’t think Solider needs anything, sure hes not some flashy hero with cool abilities. But that kinda the reason why he is that way. He’s a starter hero who’s easy to play and a very balanced hero. A really good Solider player will get to masters. I would hes a very low priority for OW right now.

thats why, as a starter hero he is a hitscan that rewards tracking but yet his bloom punishes newer players playing him the way he should be playing. Mccree could be considered much more new player friendly with consistent damage, a cc, plus a simple mobility tool. The problem with soldier is that other hitscan can do his job plus more and hes becoming more of a character that is situational and simple, where as before his medicocre mobility and damage made him a hitscan for all situations.

Soldier is fine, he doesn’t need to be flashy to be good.

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Learning to control burst is not a difficult thing to master. And it also adds a bit more depth into his playstyle. Removing bloom you would have to decrease his dps. And that would be a huge nerf to him and Solider players wouldn’t be happy at all.

He’s a perfectly fine hero who doesn’t need any attention right now.

Maybe make him more tactical by adding a passive that reveals positions every 15 seconds within a 30 meter radius of himself or adding it to his ult during it’s duration. To make it unlike Widow/Hanzo, have it only show heat signatures, not hero profiles.

Christ, don’t hear any mercy mains hear you say that about her (being a starter character), or you’ll have a riot on your hands hahahaha.

I don’t think soldiers that bad at the moment at all. He’s obviously not good in double shield, but the same can be said about a lot of characters. The cooldown buff on his helix rockets has increased his damage output by a lot, his gun damage in is a fairly good place too. I want to see him be able to reload while sprinting, and the option to toss his healing can to assist allies. I’d be worried about them getting rid of his spread, considering it can be negated through short burst firing. If they got rid of it completely, we’d probably be looking at primary fire damage nerfs too :confused:

As for his ult, it would be cool if his bullets could pierce shields (albeit with a damage reduction if they do). That way he could actually be a threat in double shields.

The thing is, number wise, in an nutshell, Soldier is just as strong as Mccree. In a pure deathmatch scenario, they trade blows just fine. It’s just that sustain creep made consistent damage worst than burst. Again, this brings back the argument to nerf healing creep, then nerf damage creep

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Give him 5 more bullets per clip. The forums will lose their minds!

No, he doesnt.

He just needs to be buffed.
And the 1st buff i’d give him is reloading while running without needing to stop/walk, then maybe 5+ more bullets cause idk whats point of having only 25 & last but not least small weapon/ult spread buff.

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His total ult damage is like 600-700 already. He can barely kill one Zarya with personal bubble. Soldier’s ult is about as effective as rolled newspaper even without barriers, just with tank CDs or one healer.


Mmm I know, but being able to focus a squishy behind a shield could still potentially be effective.
Another reason why I can’t stand hearing mccree mains complain about his ult. It’s good. In the time he’s charged up enough to kill 4/6 members of a team, soldiers probably barely even killed one.

It’s not even close at this point. Soldier’s ult is pointless. Only thing he can potentially kill is probably clumsy Mercy who is floating above her team.

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He is good at everything but a master of none. This is why you would pick him.

Remember season 3 or so, triple tank soldier with 21 damage per bullet and he was op and broken…Boy how far we have come lol.

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