Sojourn's still too powerful

C’mon guys. Fix her, that railgun is way too strong. In my opinion, it feels like she gets the charge way too easily. Remove charge gain from shields, maybe make the ramp significantly steeper so it doesn’t feel so busted at less than 75/80 charge. Maybe make her primary fire weaker since it seems the focus is on the blast.

I don’t know guys, the Meta considers nobody but Sojourn Hog/Orisa and Ana at the moment, with barely any counterpick options.


Plus Mercy to pocket Sojourn .

In general I agree with u , Soj is overtuned.

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In my opinion she needs a 4 sec cooldown for her railgun.

huh :interrobang::fire::fire: what do you mean by that?


Can’t nerf the diversity champion in the name of balance….


Put rail on same cd as soldiers helix rockets. Easy fix


Bastion with a Mercy boost is worse. Cooldown on Railgun solves Sojourn’s problem.

The balance patches in this game, unlike other games, still takes a very long time to come. Just how much data they’re trying to collect is beyond me.

I think her movement ability is still what makes her overpowered, if she couldn’t dive in, and run away so easily with it she may become much easier to deal with, like how widomaker has one shot capability, but it isn’t as bad because she can’t survive being dove, and is much more limited in movement. While soj can slide backwards and jump shot you while escaping the effective range of almost every hero.

Sojourn is a soldier clon, moira and junkrat is more OP than Sojourn


Wow this is incredibly racist. Like… INCREDIBLY racist.

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Mercy’s kit has been problematic since her inception. There is always going to be a hero that can abuse it. If not Sojourn, then McCree, Widowmaker or Ashe etc.

Heroes should not be nerfed because of Mercy’s kit. Mercy is the problem, not Sojourn.
All it does is ruin them when Mercy isn’t in the game.

Mercy needs a redesign, frankly. Her kit is problematic, and an imbalance generating device. I know there are a lot of people simping for her, but that’s just the reality of the situation.


Junkrat is pretty disgusting right now, NGL.

Moira, not so much.


I agree with u .
(20 char)

soj is ugly,i throw games if i have one on my team