Sojourn skin missing?

I want to start this by saying don’t worry I don’t play sojourn before anyone makes that assumption, however I did buy her legendary “Cyber Detective” skin and noticed when hovering over her character selection screen that my skin was gone. Anyone know why it is gone right now? I haven’t seen anything about why it was taken out, I just don’t want my $20 to be gone lol

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Small Indie Company moment

  • There’s a bug with Sojourn’s Cyber Detective skin is causing her to disappear.
    • We’re disabling this skin until the issue is resolved.

zero conspiracies about this, if it can comfort you. :kissing:


Tysm for responding! I had a feeling there may have been a bug but I wasn’t sure :slight_smile:

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If you dont want your $20 to be gone then you shouldnt have spent it on pixels in video game to begin with. :smiley:

Dont spend it on anything and you can keep it forever. :smiley:

Novel concept I think. :smiley:

It can come thru you literally if you spend it on snacks. :smiley:

Best spent money. :smiley:

Or you could buy another video game if you dont like snacks… :smiley:

But I wanna keep my money. :smiley:

$20 is worth a good bit. :smiley:

Investing it could be smart. :smiley:

Or just putting it in savings for later. :smiley:

But that’s just my 2 cents… or is it my 20 dollars? Haha. :smiley:

$20 wil lactually be less and less because snacks get more expensive over time I can tell… :smiley:

Better spend it on snack while you still can. :smiley:

I will perish starving if I must. :smiley:

I can share, you can keep your $20. :smiley:

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You are a good man, a generous soul. :smiley:

Perhaps we can pool our money and get eachother something truly special? :smiley:

You mean snacks right ? :smiley:

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Of course, my friend :smiley: