Sojourn age actually worse than Kiriko's

Gotta say. I like that silly controversies, are taking over from ugly controversies.


I always expect Sojourn age was around Soldier:76’s or Torbjorn’s, where both of them were around 58-59. She met them (plus Dr. Liao) during the omnic crisis based on her novel.

They had no idea what the lore they had was and stuffed it even more.


Lots of things happen that don’t ever need to happen in the OW universe. The one OP is describing is at the tippity top of the list.


Torture, abusing/manipulating the mentally ill, people being left in states of literal permanent decay, orphaned children turned to mercenaries, an attempted genocide of the human race… twice.

I think its fair to say that the Overwatch universe is already a pretty dark place


A giant murderous police robot with no solid moral compass beyond what makes her creator smile and the letter of the law. made by a small child to stop a terrorist who was punching the crap out of her city


yea i thought she would be in her mid 50s at least, it also seemed that would go that direction but all of a sudden changed it for whatever reason

i think the lore took a backseat and now that they have some pve… they burned themselves. irresponsible in how they handled the whole thing really. goes to show there is no cohesiveness to eveything

at least the art and aesthetic is good but yea some glaring holes there lol
(also the fan art :melting_face:…hehe)

Meh that’s standard Marvel/DC stuff. Pregnant children is where I draw the line. Doesn’t belong in Overwatch and you know it. Stop pretending otherwise.

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My older sister had a 4-5 year old kid at that age.

It happens.

She has white granny hair at 47???


I think it is very uncommon :sob:

Meanwhile Hammond is casually a 16-year-old Hamster. I get that he’s special, but damn.

Got some Arctica islandica DNA mixed in there.

Yeah… she’s canadian but she is african.
Africa marriage culture is kinda like that

Oh well, I guess that solves that. As long as we can’t see the issues, that must mean they don’t exist!

Tragedy exists whether you like it or not. Traumatized characters managing to survive their tragedy’s and supersede them is what makes them like-able because we can empathize/sympathize with them. They also teach us good moral lessons about overcoming hardship as people deemed “Heroes” should.

But hey,

you can always just close your eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Almost as if by design…

I quoted the most egregious part, but really that whole paragraph seemed to spiral into insanity the longer I read it.

Personally, I’m happy to see so many people caring about the small details and proving how they have huge impacts to the lore. We need to be like this for the game, too. People are like “We can just nerf Ana and it’ll be fine!”, but we really need to start thinking about how nerfing one character can effect others.

Also, holy cow, blizzard did not mean to imply Sojourn’s sister had a kid at 13-14. I’m positive they didn’t.

Well like I said, I’m all for it.

Let’s rage about dumb Lore stuff. More of that please.

It could be intentionally dyed like that. It’s not too uncommon of a look.

Is adoption a possibility? Did they explicitly state that she had the kid herself or could she have adopted and/or married into having a kid?