Soe is getting death threats on twitter


Ignorant how? I’m black and appreciate when non-blacks actually treat me on the same level, does that make me ignorant? Respect is equal parts giving and receiving and anyone with half a brain should realize all this fiasco did was give fuel to anti-feminists, using our game as a platform.


im not saying im a better caster. I, Quite frankly, think that OW league is a sham and that half the players are toxic to begin with and the image the league tries to convey is REALLY different than what is actually is. People calling others homosexual slurs and telling each other to “kYS” in addition to the recent nude twitch moderator scandal show how immature this game is in regards to making it a professional “sport”


Reading the comments she recieved has given me a passionate hatred towards Americans, assuming that it was primarily Americans who wrote those. :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with her accent…? She’s perfectly fluent and I’ve never had an issue understanding her. (Harder to keep up with what the American casters are saying at times, Americans have this terrible habit of slurring their words until you can’t tell one vowel from another…)


its like a mix of three different accents that make it hard for me to understand


Agreed. This will probably be by far the dumbest thing I read today.


So let me get this straight…

On the day dedicated for treating women equally
She thanked the men who don’t treat women poorly and actually treat women as equals
And she got hundreds of death threats over it?

This is why no one takes feminism or social justice seriously.

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So, do you think the people who want to get rid of fathers day cause it ‘represents toxic masculinity’ to them are ignorant as well?

Your post is pretty absurd. She is allowed to thank whoever she wants. I don’t think their should ever be a international man or womans day at all. It is a horrible way to celebrate and acknowledge the differences between the sexes.

You aren’t special cause you are a man. You aren’t special cause you are a woman. You are who you are and no one deserves special treatment for it. It is that simple.


Man, that’s really horrible to hear, Internet can bring out the absolute worst in people. What do you even do after something like that, report to the police and look over your shoulder for awhile? I keep thinking about that game streaming couple who had a violent home invasion by a viewer, there are a lot of nuts out there who aren’t all talk.


It doesn`t surprise me how messed up people can be. The ironic thing here from what i can see; is that the people having a problem with her twit, and sending her death threads looks like the type of people who boast about their self righteousness, how feminist and inclusive they are and how against harrassing women they are. Meanwhile, they are doing this, pathetic people.


Of all the people in the world to be vitriolic to, they chose a sweetheart like Soe. I’m mad.


My father has been cruel to me too. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the awesome dads on dads day.

I am sure people have had horrible mothers as well. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate awesome moms on moms day.

Your post proves my point though, just more feminist drivel.


Why is this thread needed? We all know it’s bad


Because she’s a significant figure in the competitive community and this is noteworthy, so I wanted to let people know. People didn’t say stuff like this when muma was getting death threats, why is it any different when it’s soe?


She was thanking men for showing support, what is ignorant about that? Women’s day if a fantastic thing BUT it is turned sour when in the fight for equality the “other side” is told “you’re not welcome here” when they are trying to stand with women. again, fuel for the anti-feminist crowd although me being male this will probably be dismissed as man-splaining… yay…

Black history month as an example should be used to educate not isolate. learn and share your history, that’s how people come to understand each other and stand as equals. I don’t run around telling white people “sod off, this is my month” that would be viciously counter productive.

Still this being something hovering over our game is something we do not need.


Wow hang on. So the people sending the death threats are women who didn’t like Soe complimenting the men around her on Womens Day?


This is why I don’t bother with social media. I don’t use Facebook, Instagram, any of that stuff.

You can post the kindest words, but you will still run into countless people who will rain on your parade. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting: :weary::weary:


Bummer. Who is that?

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