So you can't play Overwatch 2 if you have Cricket Wireless

Don’t feel too bad. I’m on Verizon and I can’t play either.


Same issue here. Cricket wireless user and had OW1 for a few years already. Now I cant play overwatch at all anymore with no alternative solution. I logistically cant rationalize the offset cost moving to another carrier. Sad day.


They had to seriously cut into their potential profits by implementing this Defense Matrix system. It feels like they offset these losses by placing an opt-in price tag on all future updates. Everyone loses.


I’m literally in awe. I get trying to secure the game, but this ain’t it. They’re basically penalizing people who can’t afford better phone plans. Well I guess I’m going back to Gundam Evolution lol.


I’m honestly so mad right now. As if this steaming pile of garbage wasn’t enough, I can’t even play Overwatch 1 anymore because they took down the servers. Congratulations Blizzard, this is dog vomit


I can’t believe this is real. It especially stings because I’ve bought so many Blizzard games. Surely they’ll fix it right?


It just bugs me because I paid for Overwatch 1, they took at away and shut it down for the release of Overwatch 2 and I’m bared from playing the game? The fact that I need a phone at all is annoying enough but the service provider I have also isn’t enough?


I bought Overwatch on every platform. Thousands of hours.


Ironically, burners actually work. Go on talkatone, pay one dollar for credits and Blizzard considers it post paid. Clowns.


yeah it’s terrible. I cannot play either. I am worried about trying Talkatone because I see people are asking for it to be disallowed. I am going to wait a couple days to see what Blizz does… I’d rather not play at all than get my account banned trying Talkatone, though I’d hope they wouldn’t do that…

I’m just worried. I wish blizz would make a statement

It’s completely asinine. They burn actual paying customers who use MetroPCS, Cricket, etc. but accept these $1 voip sms services.

Good job Blizz, these smurfs stand no chance.


Exactly. They’re a complete joke. They’ve allowed a certain aspect of society to control their entire company and we all suffer for it.

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I don’t think they can go back in time and ban anyone for verifying their number with a service that they currently allow. For all they know I legitimately use Talkatone and didn’t make my number just to circumvent their system. If you’re worried about it, make a burner Blizzard account too so it doesn’t matter if it gets banned. It only costs a dollar for the burner number.

Even if its on crickets side I’m sure there would be ways to work around it and verify your number regardless even if it took a bit longer. maybe make an app or something but shutting out a chunk of your player base isn’t the smartest business move.

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Do not spread this news…smurfs are why you suffer and giving them this info only helps there kind…if you smurf you dont deserve to play

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This is the issue. Idgaf if the problem is on the side of the provider, Blizzard, or the friggin tooth fairy. Blizzard CHOSE to use this inane SMS requirement. They can CHOOSE to not use it with the same ease. Either remove it outright or give me another way to verify. No one has a gun to Blizzard’s head making them use this.


Smurfs are the literal gun against blizzards head. You guys tried for years to validate cheating an mmr system as “alt” accounts and now that you will be placed in your correct tier on your 1 and only qccount you are mad? A cheater is a cheater and blizzard actually did something right for once.

How about just don’t require phone numbers to play your game?


You could… Merge both?

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HOLY COW im actually so pissed lol. im just trying to play their game and they just have this random thing. literally not a issue for any other game. wp blizzard lol. all i wanted to do was give you my money and you shrecked me