So what happen to the Mccree event?

They said it when they said they were changing it. They said they had a story event planned for Mccree that was coming out soon, but they had to delay it to work in the reason for his name change. The event was supposed to be used as a smooth way to introduce the name change and not just slap it in game out of the blue… ¬_¬

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Cole Cassidy needs an event to introduce himself to us 5 years later.

The upcoming Cassidy event is not to reveal his new name, nor do we intend to have Cowboy’s new name be a celebratory moment.

What’s most likely driving confusion is the fact that we decided to delay the original event to account for the updated name.


It would have been kinda insensitive to pat yourselves on the back with a whole event for just doing the right thing, so i’m glad it’s not the case at all <3

Oh. Okay. Thanks for clearing that up with a direct response for once. You can lock the topic now if you feel like it. I got my answer straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

I have to ask, is this name change a retcon or a plot device like the announcement tweet stated?

Us lore addicts are concerned that there will be narrative conflicts with retribution and deadlock rebel’s European locationalization. I don’t care if it’s a retcon or plot device, I just don’t want any inconsistencies in the narrative. If they call him Cole Cassidy in Retribuition, then as fans, we will be very confused as he should be referred to Cole during the reunion in Gibraltar after Null sectors defeat at Paris.


Is Reaper or Blackwatch a big part of the upcoming story?

I’m asking just because we’ve had a book come out this year about the Deadlock Rebels, so it seems a bit weird to have a whole event dedicated to Cole after physical book release, and if it’s mostly dedicated to him, it seems a major disappointment as heroes such as Reaper have a much bigger role in the game but we’ve not had any stories that have him as the main protagonist yet.


No spoilers shall ye find from me.


I’m desperate :sob: I need some Reapy reaps lore


But you do still plan to make the name change implemented into the lore right?


Yes I think they delayed the upcoming anthology to change it I think as the release date was delayed by a month

(or was it the art book, not sure but it was one of them lol)

just checked, yeah it was delayed until December 14th instead of November 10th (original date)
(i’m excited to finally get a phyiscal version of retribution comic, which they never released as a single issue in physical format like other comics :frowning:)


Is the skin at least cool?

It’s gonna be a Reaper skin :sunglasses:

(jk, just wishing here lol)


Would have been nice to have a real lore reason for the name change backed up with a video…not just a “because said so” the way it was implemented was pure meh.


I think, lore wise, McCree’s new name could be event worthy. Narratively, its him reclaiming his past, so maybe it could be a skin of McCree/Cassidy in plain clothes. Like he’s ready to live again instead of running away from it all.


Thank you Andy. Always appreciated!

Blackwatch is a thing of the past.
Overwatch’s elite unit to react more quickly to certain problems and which, among other things, led to the dissolution of Overwatch and the Petras Act,

Just because Overwatch is active again in “Zero Hour” (but the Petras Acts is still activ and so Overwacth is still illegal and at the same level as Talon) Blackwatch is not automatically reactivated.

Half of the Blackwatch troop is Talon, the other half are Overwatch members or gang leaders.

Even if I see the possibility for Reaper, Sombra and Widowmaker to join or at least to help Overwatch (with the latter I hope for such a (redemtion) Ark) I see it as very unlikely that Blackwatch will be active again.

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yah no i still call him mcree. cassidy is a terrible name!


celebratory moment

Pick one?

How about a more simple yes or no question, will there be any juicy lore? I am personally starving for some Overwatch lore.