So... The Cassidy event that got delayed

When are you dropping it?

Or are you yet going to delay it even more time as you did with Malevento 1 FULL MONTH in the PTR to give us the false impression of “content” by stretching it’s time as much as you can to avoid releasing new stuff?

The name change already happened, and I can already tell you’re gonna keep the event from dropping as much time as you can lol

Blizzard the Delay Masters, the art of delaying volume 2.

The event will drop when the event will drop.

I’m sure you’ll survive until then.


There is no event, the fact they announced it soon is proof they Just scrapped it.

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They said back in August that they planned for an event in September, but it was delayed until mid or late November, so I assume we will see it sometime this month, unless it is going to be delayed again or scrapped entirely.


Survive? Hell yeah, sure
Play the game? Not anymore

Thats fine. Life will go on

When they finnaly make it i assume.
I dont buy anything about it being done already, they pushed in name change with nothing because they had noting then but had to change his name (probably someone gived them time limit on that front)

If I had to guess, they’re planning on a November release. They like to do one thing a month, this would’ve been September but got delayed, Halloween Terror took up October, so now we’re here.

Didn’t mccree already have an event, or am I thinking of someone else?

Or is this supposed to celebrate his name change or something… I dunno

There hasn’t been any time to release it.

They were waiting for the name change, and that happened in the middle of the Hallowe’en event. They only update on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so today is the first potential update day since the event ended.

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If this is one of those challenge events like D.Va’s Nano Cola, then this will be his first one. But that wouldn’t stop him getting another, since Ashe has already had two

And it’s not an event for his name change, it was already planned to happen before all the McCree stuff. But once it was decided that the name would be changed, they decided to push it back so it could release using his new name

I really hope something will drop now in november.

AndyB did a response here:

We just don’t know the when:

Tuesday, November 9th (with the short story dropping on Monday.)

arnt we literally doing the Hog event right now?

They’re lucky nobody pirates their books lol

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