So, that Sombra Demon Hunter Skin





Citation required for this statement.


Except they did say they were going to release it later on. If they hadn’t said that, some of us might have spent the money instead of waiting. So, I hope they don’t change their mind. I’m just curious about the timing.

Previously they had said they were going to release it again. Is there a source for them changing their mind?


it’s $60, just for a skin

are you surprised people held off on it?


I love the rich bootlickers who always come out of the woodwork to explain why it’s important only rich people get a specific skin and it should never be rereleased with in-game currency to the unwashed poor.

don’t worry bootlicker, I have a french invention from the glorious year 1789 right here, and you just won a ticket to attend its grand opening in a “front row” seat. good news! these tickets are exclusive to rich bootlickers!


Everyone, as a reminder the Demon Hunter Sombra skin was stated in the fine print at the bottom of the BlizzCon article.

Please note the opportunity for this skin is likely to be offered in a different promotion and not made directly available in any loot boxes or through in-game credits. As a personal speculation, I expect it to be made available through a cross-game promotion involving a Diablo related product.


Would even go that far and say “if you pre-order diablo immortal you get the skin” will be the cross-game promotion.

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That is a distinct possibility. That being said Diablo Immortal appears to be a free-to-play system with microtransactions or a subscription based system. (I will leave all of you to your own comments about that.)

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It will probably be released in the future and cost league tokens, similar to Lucio’s emote. Or it will just be purchased with credits.

I would respect that but why say you can get any exclusive items later and then go back on your word? They are committed now and if they pull back now that is gonna blow up in their face.

I enjoy when this happens (:


They’ll probably release it during the next blizzcon

dude some people were going to buy it but when they found that it will be availble in game they decided to wait so stop saying that


can you guys stop saying its 60$ just for skin the 60$ was for the blizzcon virtual ticket and the skin was a free bonus and who bought the ticket just for the skin needs to take responsibilities for it


Overwatch devs be putting their clown makeup while we are waiting.

it’ll probably be re-released during halloween terror. might be third week item for the 9 win challenge

It’s Blizzard. Give them time. There will be updates probably on Blizzcon 2023.


Yeah, I really want this skin!! This is obviously just my opinion, but I think Sombra doesn’t have any really cool Legendary skins yet. A couple of 'em are pretty nice but none are really “whoa” for me.

Ra-roow. :neutral_face: Blizzard, please don’t make me spend like fifty bucks on a game I don’t even want just to get this skin… Or maybe you guys could just release another new Sombra Legendary skin, one that looks truly awesome? That would work too. :smiley: Something new for Halloween perhaps? :bat:

It woud be funny af if the skin will only be able to be optained via a pre order.

It will be available


Honestly i want the skin cause it looks awesome but i dont think blizzard will be willing to release it anytime soon probably next year at the rate they’re going. :roll_eyes: