So serious overwatch bug


Hi. I am an over watch user in Korea. I enjoy the over-watch. I have found a serious bug that affects the game. This bug feels like I’m being manipulated, but I have an unwanted movement on my character. It has been several months since this bug occurred. At first I thought it was a computer or monitor problem, but it was not. If this bug is short, it disappears after playing the game, but if it is serious, it will not be lost when you turn off your computer. I think I can solve this bug. Thank you. For reference, I did not know how to attach images.


I just played a match and was winning. then my character started being pulled slowly to the edge of the map, like I was walking backwards, I was running forward to counter it but I couldn’t stop it and was pull off the map, losing the game. after respawn I was fine .


That happened to me when my internet was shutting off, it may just be your router.