So queue times are getting worse

Mhm also what DPS and tanks players need to further understand is to protect the flanks! I can’t stress how important that is especially in this season

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Honestly, I think they will just Nerf the living daylights out of the flankers, and then Nerf them some more just to be sure.

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They are already doing so, but there will always be a flanker :3

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These are the warmup nerfs :slight_smile:

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They are pretty fast for me.

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See on Xbox if we turn off the settings for crossplay it’s not done in game. You have to block outside access on your Xbox itself. This then does not find any games at all. So interesting to know ps has that feature

9m/8m/30s queue times here. on the 18th it was 7m/6m/30s.

We’re at OW1 queue times but now for two roles instead of just the one, and it’s getting visibly worse at an alarming rate


Yep. Blizzard will do something about it because they have to, it won’t be pretty though.

You can’t fix stupid.

Honestly… this is what I think they should have done:

KEPT 6v6.

If you received a gold medal during the match (heals, elims, obj elims, obj time)… then you get priority re-que level 1.

If you received a silver medal during the match then you get priority re-que level 2.

Bronze medal… priority re-que level 3.

This would have promoted less throwers, and would have rewarded good gameplay with less queue time.

Blizzard has posted that the queue times are a problem. I think we can establish that yes, it is a problem.

Or are you going to argue that since they haven’t precise measurements that the problem doesn’t exist either?

It was obvious that it was a problem.

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  1. Kiriko is free for everybody starting at the beginning of Season 2.
  2. Supports get +18% base movement speed as a Passive.
  3. Everybody gets the Regen passive, but Tanks/DPS have to be within a certain radius distance from another teammate for it to activate.

I’ve just realized who the new guy is. Man, they have some industry chops behind them. I am feeling a LOT better about overwatch future now. You couldn’t pick a better person to run things.

He does, but we’ve seen some pretty brilliant people make some pretty big screw ups.

Especially when it’s out of their hands when upper management tries to micro-manage.


Here is the thing, he IS upper management in overwatch.

This is good stuff. I mean yes, you can still screw it up, but he is a hell of a pick. Blizzard must have sold their soul to get him. (which explains a lot about Blizzard these days now that I think of it).

Yes, however higher up ActiBliz Executives are a thing…


Yep, but I expect you get someone in like that if you are going to say to them “go, do what you do”

But yeah, Blizzard will do Blizzard things…

May I ask who we are speaking of, and what the source is?

Jared Neuss, the new exec.

They did a post on it a while ago. I hadn’t put two and two together and worked out the relevance. He is a hell of a person for Blizzard to pick up. Ex riot games, bungi, etc.

He is VERY good and I am surprised that Blizzard snagged him.

Here is an announcement of him joining.

This is going to be a very good thing for the game.


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