So queue times are getting worse

He does, but we’ve seen some pretty brilliant people make some pretty big screw ups.

Especially when it’s out of their hands when upper management tries to micro-manage.


Here is the thing, he IS upper management in overwatch.

This is good stuff. I mean yes, you can still screw it up, but he is a hell of a pick. Blizzard must have sold their soul to get him. (which explains a lot about Blizzard these days now that I think of it).

Yes, however higher up ActiBliz Executives are a thing…


Yep, but I expect you get someone in like that if you are going to say to them “go, do what you do”

But yeah, Blizzard will do Blizzard things…

May I ask who we are speaking of, and what the source is?

Jared Neuss, the new exec.

They did a post on it a while ago. I hadn’t put two and two together and worked out the relevance. He is a hell of a person for Blizzard to pick up. Ex riot games, bungi, etc.

He is VERY good and I am surprised that Blizzard snagged him.

Here is an announcement of him joining.

This is going to be a very good thing for the game.


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Tanks arnt supposed to be powerful, way to miss the point of the role. Tanks are just fat DPS now, change my mind.

To bad he was involved before launch and is basically responsible for the state of the game currently… He is no Kaplan, just a dev that lies and is clueless about balancing the game.

He joined in Oct 2022

I can pick a better person, Jeff Kaplan.

Jeff is gone. What we have Jared Neuss, and he has only been there 1 and a bit months, so you may have to give them a little longer to turn the ship around you know?

Queue times are just as good as they were before Ramattras release

Great a sample size of one.

Do you want me to point you at flats complaining that he has to queue for longer than the games last?

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Feel free to provide screenshots of your own queue times Robot, I’ve asked you to multiple times. I’ve asked you and every other “queue times are long” claimer for screenshots and I think it might be more than just a coincidence that not a single one has posted them…

You continuing to choose not to is what makes me doubt your claim… I want to believe you, but it’s almost like you’re intentionally wanting me to doubt you

We could add another tank and make it 6v6 so one tank can peel and protect the supports. Oh. Wait…


Nope, a terrible launch and first 3 months make a bad impression, they will do what blizz/ acti does and ruin everything as per status quo. They cater to DPS constantly and crap all over support constantly. Its no surprise support mains are done with this trash they try to call a “sequel.” More like a downgrade. Ill gladly return OW2 for OW back.

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Log in the game and use your eyes dude.

Which Jared wasn’t here for, yet you blame him for the state of the game. I’m saying the person doesn’t have a time machine.

Don’t bother, they can hear it from 10,000 people and still won’t believe them, because it would imply there was a problem with supports, and he decided to die on the hill that there wasn’t.


not just that, but a specifically selected timing - selected specifically to support the chosen narrative