So many bots in ranked

3 bots in 7 ranked games. What’s is going on? Do you have experimented the same lately? It’s really frustrating :frowning: Can we just draw when this happens? Like a rule inside the community xd If blizzard does not do something, at least we can try to help each others

There are no “bots”

But I assume you mean just people deranking and people just generally playing badly.

If so, no more of them than normal. Still the same Muppets playing the game

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I just had 5 bots in 2 games.
First game, it’s just the mercy and me as dps who are actual players. The other 3 all struggle with pathing, run into walls, stand in the corners, don’t shoot, or shoot at nothing. I spectated them after the game finished and their POV all has the same jerky camera movement that is nothing like a real player moving a mouse.
Second game: Tank was a bot exhibitting the same behaviour as above. And I suspect one of the supports was too. Watched their POV in spectate afterwards and it was the same jerky movements.
I reported all of them but that’s honestly half an hour of my life I’ll never get back, and 2 losses. Climbing is hard enough as it is without having bots adding to the losses.