So looks like no fix tonight

What update? Isn’t the hero lock thing THE RESULT of said update? there was an update 3hours ago, they fixed some bugs and removed bastion.

After that we all have are heroes locked.


Yup. That’s the update that broke it…

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Whoa, take a break, go outside and get some air.

I’m sorry, but you sound ridiculous. Hurting yourself and breaking your own property because of a game?

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Which sucks because they should verify they didn’t screw it up before leaving. Their track record has been trash so far.

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Well if it makes anyone feel better, they know about it and are working on a fix, according to this thread


I feel ya, I feel ya
but if you told me that pulling bastion out and locking torb from most modes would break the game like this I would call you insane

I’m not talking about a patch, I mean a community update.

With how code works, it can be the most minor thing that causes catastrophe :grimacing:

for all we know, someone could of literally hit the spacebar one to many times
like yes this sucks so much, but at the end of the day…may as well go do something else and not get a headache over it, right?

I understand where you’re coming from, and it’s reasonable.

I guess I’m past the point of being patient with them lol

Well that’s been posted literally 15min ago…At least we know they’re on it.

i understand that completely, but lets be honest
venting here probably aint doing much. I would go and sit down with a cup of something and relax

This is some what insensitive and ignorant. It is never because of a game or any other final straw. It is about other things.

People cope with depression in many different ways. If that coping mechanism isn’t available it becomes all but impossible to fully manage it.

Before you type next time please take a moment to consider empathy.


Lol, posting something like they did on a public forum can also be triggering for someone in the same position. And saying it so flippantly is insensitive.

We all have our issues, but coming onto a discussion forum and telling everyone you thought of self-harm and breaking your own property is not it.

We both know you didn’t say what you did because you were thinking of others. But rather because you felt uncomfortable about someone expressing themselves in a way that was not harmful to anyone else but was honest to how they felt.

Your response here is projecting hard and you perhaps need to sit back and think about where your mind is at.

Because you clearly don’t understand the difference between a trigger and an underlying cause.


And here i thought first time user experience would never effect me. xD I’m still holding out for a fix in the next few hours. I can’t imagine it’s that complicated of an issue. Like, maybe they’ll just remove the first time hero locks altogether, hahaha

that is assuming thats the issue

Good to hear they’re still working on it. Figured people would be going home earlier this week with all the OT they put in laat week. Guess their dedication knows no bounds.

Or the higher ups are getting worried about this disastrous launch and the impact on the bottom line, and are authorizing, or ordering, some serious OT.

I didn’t know this was a thing. I loaded up the game ready to play my main only to see they were locked. I didn’t know it was a bug at first and was so mad they were locking old heroes behind the battle pass