So let me get this straight

No. Ask Jjonak if this is a lie. We have much more support ults after Brigitte.

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sick “no u” counter argument.

Lets see it simple. Before GOATS, supports died first most of the fights.
Now Reinhardt is the most first blood. That is comfirmed in OWL. Support ults charges faster if they dont die.
Simple logic

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whats the point of nerfing heroes to get rid of goats if they planning on enforcing 2-2-2? like are they going to revert the changes after (if) they enforce 2-2-2?

Jeff literally said they aren’t gonna do that.

Watch. The. Video.

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you sure did say that.
and also if you look on the ptr thread they recently made a bunch of change to heroes in goats.

What game were you playing during the dive meta? Just about every game I played had both teams or at the very least 1 team playing dive, every game. Goats is far less common in ladder than Dive was in its prime.

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here we go again, posts proof of dive not being used below master and all the low elo players come flocking out claiming every game was dive again.

Anybody who doesn’t believe this needs only to look at patch 1.34 on the current PTR, and the geoff Goodman post from tonight. These people who think the devs are sitting around all day doing nothing are about as intelligent as a fence post.

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omg those changes are so good! They nerfed Lucio’s speed value for his team, but kept his own individual speed and skill, and buffed boop. Overall a great power shift. Same with Zen’s changes. Then you got Zarya nerfs and Sym buffs to balance out how the current PTR beam changes buffed and nerfed them respectively, and Junk changes to make him more in line with the other buffed DPS, + a tone down of Reaper’s anti-GOATS buff.

A+ work

okay but if they do implement 2-2-2 than are they gonna revert the changes? because it would seem weird to change heroes to nerf goats when goats won’t even be playable.

Not executed perfectly, but it was what made Orisa a troll pick especially in the lower tiers. Tracers and Genji’s were in every game and Orisa repeatedly dies with her shield still up because those two ignore shields.

Orisa became viable during the Mercy meta when res was instant and Orisa was the best use for it because she could instantly deploy a shield while rein still had to charge his. This made her less of a priority for the flankers since they essentially had to kill her twice each time.

When Mercy got nerfed, the flankers dominated her again until Brig went live and Tracer/Genji usage dropped off. That’s when Orisa got pulled out of F tier.

Except several core heroes in GOATs were just nerfed on the newest PTR, and Dive got off with no nerfs that it deserved, just a single counter hero that was then run straight into the ground. Dive will be back as soon as GOATs is gone because it was treated so preferentially that nothing about it was even touched.


Lovely anecdote. But I trust the devs way more than I trust your friends list. The devs have way more data available to them, and they obviously know that if the game does well, they will keep making money.

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You know what the main problem is? The fact that no matter what changes the devs make, someone is always going to complain about them no matter what. To be fair they don’t make the greatest balance changes, but its clear they are trying. They have been making changes to things people complain about, but the response is really slow. Imo this is probably becasue they are testing a ton to try and balance what they put out. Clearly the people they have play testing are not cutting it. I think if they had consistent play testing on the PTR at least weekly where people could play comp with the new changes in their individual elos and the devs could get more real time stats from real players across all ranks. I think this would help both parties work together to help fix the game in an efficient and timely manner. Of course a lot of effort is needed from the playerbase to actually play the PTR. I think they would need some kind of reward to get people to play, becasue iirc about 2% of the player base plays PTR.


Yea, all they need to do is transfer the experience/loot boxes I earn on the PTR over to my live account and I’ll play on the PTR every patch they introduce, otherwise I feel like I’m wasting time if I play the PTR for more than just a couple hours.

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I honestly don’t see what you’re getting at or what you’re purporting.

GOATS was being used on the reg from Plat on up.

Not the case, Dive was used from Gold up.

Hopefully that means hero with an air strike ability or some other time of zoning tool.

I’m going to say it was done via pressure from investors. I mean when you hear nothing but “Dive is boring” “Mirror matches are dull” with a drop in views in a (frankly rushed) ESport, some dumb decisions are going to be made.

(Then again, a lot of dumb decisions are always made with this game)

I’d argue that Brig’s purpose was to serve as a frontline support that helps assist in brawl comps, most of the time that include a Reinhardt. Then once she received the passive healing buff, she became a must-have for GOATS, and pairing that with Lucio made AOE healing incredibly effective.