So I tried the current Mercy, and

IMO what makes Valkyrie bad is that it makes every part of a non-ult Mercy easier. Sure, you can say that mass rez was just as easy but it was different from what you’re doing the whole match. it was like a burst of healing, unless your allies are alive. And its really frustrating when you look at the support category and people easily say “choose what support is best for the situation” because we don’t have much choice.

17% decrease in healing is a huge nerf. Any DPS will e trash tier with 17% damage nerf.


They nerfed their most popular hero. If they wanted to bury their game they’re going the right way about it.

Never seen something so ridiculous :joy: what were they thinking

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So they shouldn’t nerf unbalanced heroes if they’re popular?

All of ultimates with such game changing potential have slow set-up, fair warning and big draw backs to allow counter plays (highnoon, barrage, Dva bomb ect)

Mercy’s mass rez has none. You flew in, pressed Q, enjoyed your invunerability till your team all got back up and ready. People argue that just kill her before she press Q, but it is the same for every other heroes: not only you can kill them before they press Q but you can also kill them after they press Q. And let not forget Mercy could rez through wall, or her team could die close to the ledge and she could just drop down and ulted, almost no vunerable window to kill her.

Ana received monstrous nerfs to both her base kit AND her ult while Mercy got to keep her 60hps (power creep.) And Winston got 2 big buffs around the same time that sealed Ana’s fate. Now they just slowly giving Ana back her strength while still kept her weakness.

Ana has her strength and weakness, now Mercy has her strength and weakness too. Ana fits death ball comp, Mercy fits hyper mobility comp or snipers comp, and it is a good thing.

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Read all of this. Specifically, the solutions.


You mean you saved yourself? That isn’t anything special. You could stay in the spawn room and accomplish that much. Lúcio, Brigitte, and Zenyatta can save themselves plus their whole team from many different ults and threats.


Saving yourself from a shatter so you can chain heal the shattered teammates is impactful lol

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Incorrect, she was always boring.

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Here’s a thought, but Valkyrie could be her E ability with light tweaking.

Resurrect could be her ultimate again, but it’s still a single res. Upside is as an ult, it would work from any range with line of sight, and be a fast charging ult.

Then she might actually feel fun again.

Optionally you could also remove damage boost to add damage resistance to the target she’s healing, and make alt click fire her pistol instead of a different beam.

So, just because a group of inexperienced players have issues bringing down Brig because they’re probably not too familiar with her counters, you want to rework her completely?

She gets decimated in higher ranks, that’s why you see Hanzo and Widowmaker all them time now.

She damn near not even a viable pick.

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look up Brigitte NEEDS a Rework! - Top 500 PVPTwitch Interview on youtube

Face it she is a bad hero and needs to be reworked. It’s much harder to punish her than you think it is. Nevermind 2 of her counters are pretty much non existent in the current meta.

Junkrat could actually contest her if he hadnt been overnerfed like he did.

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im glad that im not really a mercy player, but this is stupit af.
blizz nerfing her because noobs think shes to strong.

when shes healing shes healing, called “main heal” , so why would you nerf her heals??

its actually a shame that blizz rather listens to bad players instead of standing to their heroes.

“btw we love mercy”

what a joke


The reason they nerfed the healing is blizzard doesnt want to take away an “iconic” ability. Rez has ALWAYS been the issue as an e ability. I dont care if you are 500 SR or 4500 Sr its the same issue.

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Which is ironic because many people are calling Resurrection actually useless now since they feel it cannot be used in many situations.

People using her nerf as more of a reason to call for a revert? Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Yawn

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You and many others on this forum are oddly passionate about something as minor as a video game character :thinking: . Do you volunteer in your spare time? Maybe use your voice to help the environment or even help the poor? That would be a good use for that passion.

If you say Blizzard ‘doesn’t care about your voice’ then with that same logic, you could say they don’t care about leaving the game either. All I’m saying is that don’t waste your time on something that isn’t bringing you happiness.

If you feel a company isn’t listening to you, all you’re doing is wasting more of your time pounding on your chest in hopes they will notice. There are far more productive, meaningful ways to spend your time!

I volunteer every week, and although I can’t work anymore I’ve realized by doing something worth while for the future is better than getting upset over pixels.

Just a thought.

Preach, well said. :two_hearts:

Im going to say this only once because I realize how stupid this is going to sound. But have you noticed how people complain Mercy’s rez was to hard to shutdown that Blizzard had to add Cinderblocks to her feet and add a rez timer so people could easily shut her down and yet those people who complained about not being able to shut her down still cant shut her down even with these crippling effects? lol


I still get rezzes off. Most of the time, I only do them when it looks safe. For instance, wait for the team fight to end. Rez a player who is behind your lines. Rez a player who is not close to any enemies. Rez a player behind cover. Don’t rez a player who has overextended.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s more important for Mercy to stay alive to heal than to try to pull off a risky rez. If your team does not have healing and the other does, your team will usually lose the battle. That means more often than not, I will decide not to rez a player.

When Mercy was faster and had invulnerability, you could take more risks, but not anymore.