So... can we Buff Hammond now? 🙄

Those seem like fair changes to me.
I’ll be totally honest and say I never really got into Wrecking Ball cuz everytime i play him, I just feel like I’d be doing better if I swapped onto
Its really off putting how some of his abilities combo together so poorly. Your changes would make him feel a lot smoother. I respect that.

the only thing I think needs changed is how sometimes the tether is buggy and won’t attach, esp on the payload


Bug fixes should happen regardless of QoL type changes.

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Hammond can reposition a Orisa or Rein, thats huge. Winston and Dva can not do that. A main tank battle is essentially a chess match, fighting for positioning to create a opening. Hammond is the Blue Eyes White Dragon storming through and picking off the queen


With over 50 hours on Wrecking Ball so far, I can honestly say he’s fine. His only real issue is that of chain stuns and feeding.

Much like how Soldier: 76 cannot reload while running, or Mei cannot reload during Cryo Freeze, or Reinhardt cannot stop his charge, some abilities need to have some sort of what I call “inner counter” which is when a hero’s ability impacts their other abilities for a short time, in this case, Adaptive Shield and Ball Form.


This isn’t going to happen. Devs already stated this is a balance decision.

Here is the reply from a different Hammond thread:

He also needs to not just be a useless hero vs specific heroes… like mei… may people #deletemeipermanently

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They said they wouldn’t change that.

I feel like Hammond’s mines need more health and shouldn’t trigger on shields or Mei’s walls. They are for area denial, but they get whipped out so fast.

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Your suggestions would make him incredibly overpowered and just reinforce the tank/healer meta. Move on.

Would love to see him get some love honestly. I think his main problem is how bad he is against cc though. As a main tank that’s the worst weakness you could have.

I made a detailed post about some small changes they could make to him, without making him over the top. They need to let us use piledriver while grappled to instead propel us forward and immediately get our full speed, and break roots/slows and/or make our E more reliable and not proximity based, possibly with counters, some kind of circle only we can see, or numbers, like lucio etc, as well as let us use it while rolling.


All i want from a WB buff is an ammo buff.
Everytime I dive in, I tend to shoot the enemy and wonder “Wait what happened to my ammo”
Then proceed to spam melee, since I’m in the enemy backline without ammo and can’t afford to reload.


…what? I mean, I’m for QoL, like shield in ball form, but Hammond is an absolute beast. People just suck at him

I’d also like to see his ult getting changed so it doesn’t lose all charge if an enemy stuns you while you happen to have pushed Q within a second which also cancels the mines getting dropped. Like, the window isn’t large enough for there to be any counterplay, it’s just stupidly unlucky and frustrating when it happens. And dear god, in a game with THIS many stuns, it happens often enough.

Maybe a faster start to the initial ult animation?

I feel as though they aren’t getting a lot of value, even if they are seen occasionally at the higher ELOs.

Usually they are busy being farmed for ult charge.

Easy sleep/CC target, easy to flush his momentum, easy target to hit…

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he needs a zarya and none of those things happen. you just fly in, get bubbled, shield, down slam, combo, roll out. constantly.

I dunno. If the other team is clumped up, we switch off monkey-dva and go hamster-zarya. he feels really strong to me.

he forces the other team to go lots of CC, and if they get too much you just switch

Whats your play style / approach to using hammond?

When Wrecking Ball came out I remember saying in game chat, “so what can this guy do better than DVA or Winston can?”

Two people in the chat just replied with “LUL.” Says it all really. WB is just a worse version of dva.

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WB has the strongest dive of any of the tanks. The disruption he can bring is unparalled. People see him like they see hog, now days, people aren’t like “well, we lose because we have a hog on our team”, they’re open to it. Right now, hamster’s counters don’t just make it difficult to play him, they LITERALLY MAKE HIM WORTHLESS! No other hero in the game deals with this kind of hard counter. Reaper vs. Brig can still get kills, still land sick ults when he knows brig can’t stop it. Hanzo just drops winston now, so saying he counters hanzo is laughable. If an enemy pulls out mei, you pretty much HAVE to swap off it, or your life will be misserable.