So, about Reaper's lore

What if it was common for Overwatch members to die, and Mercy ressurected a lot of people a lot of times?

What if that was the real reason for the success of Overwatch, because their members seems to not die.

What if Talon rised because of that fact, and if they succeeded to kill Gerard, but he just was ressurected, then, Talon used his wife to end him in a more permanent way?

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I don’t think it is common.
I think there are some “Sacrifices” you make when you do die the first time.
Otherwise Mercy could have resurrected Widows Husband as he was a member of OW also.

That is why I feel it is likely she augmented Genji \ S76 \ Reaper in order to bring them back to functioning order.

See. There are still so many questions. And Overwatch is no longer a new game, it’s 2 years old, the fact that much of Reaper’s backstory is still shrouded in mystery… it’s not even the writers’ intentions, the writers want to give him a lot of lore development, as I proved, but why they didn’t do it is unknown.

Blizzcon 2017 was the PERFECT opportunity for an animated short revolving around Reaper, which also obviously delved into his relationship with Moira. But noooo, screw it, we have to make an animated short for a useless character like Reinhardt that has no importance whatsoever in the lore in the grand scheme of things.


Rein was one of the founding members and the video acted as a Sneak Peak at Hero 27


No. Reinhardt is just a vigilante. In the grand scheme of things, he has no importance in Earth’s geopolitical situation.

Unlike Reaper, who freed Doomfist and is the indirect cause of the major war that Talon is about to begin, and is also leading a personal crusade against Overwatch.

In addition, Gabriel Reyes was much more important than Reinhardt, having been the main reason for Overwatch’s downfall.

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Reaper is absolutely central to the game’s story. We’re excited to reveal more about his world view and who he is as a person. Sorry that these things take time to develop. We’re moving as fast as we can.


first hehehehehehehe


Please consider making more written short stories! No one is asking for a full on comic or a movie, just some feel of story development that isn’t at a crawl.


So old Reap-a-deep’s even getting Jeff’s attention now huh?

He’s getting stronger.


Wow, I didn’t expect that… uhm… thank you for answering my question, you can’t imagine how important it is for me to know that you are looking at Reaper.


Will the team be retconning more lore to at least just make sense of the timeline/storyline so far? I’m cool with that type of retconning now if it future-proofs further retconning.


They have taken so much time to develop you might as well be making it up on the go, slowly.



Out of character are we?


I am the character, there is no way I can go out of character.


You sure about that pumpkin?

You sure were stuttering a lot back there.


I’m here for Reaper/Gabriel. Consider me lurking in the shadows waiting for that sweet scent of lore.


It isn’t really confirmed, but I wrote an analysis about a year ago (shortly after Uprising) on the relationship between Morrison, Reyes, Amari, and what could have possibly drove the two men to fight each other, when in Uprising, they’re still shown as companions. It was long after I wrote it that Jeff came out and said it wasn’t the promotion [of Morrison to Strike Commander] that separated them, which only further proved my original point. Because honestly, if Reyes was upset about a promotion, why did he stick around for another twenty years pretending to be all buddy-buddy? But I digress.

To summarize, I’d like to think it was the death of Ana Amari, and the fact that Morrison left her there, that drove a stake between them.

Reyes, in his Blackwatch experience and choices, was always willing to give people second chances, and was probably always breaking the law by doing it. Genji, the son of a crime lord, was thrown into Blackwatch when he should have been arrested or killed. McCree, who should have been arrested, was given the chance to enter Blackwatch because Reyes saw potential in him. Moira, after being fired from Overwatch, was met with open arms by Reyes, who allowed her to experiment in whatever amoral ways she saw fit. None of those things are necessarily legal, or even a good decision.

But, the point is, Reyes never left anybody behind.

Jack Morrison left Ana Amari for dead in Egypt. Regardless of the context, you know Reyes would have delayed departure until everybody was on board, especially if there was a chance to save them. Reyes was all about chances. Morrison? Not so much. He was a Decisions type of guy; he preferred to sit back and make a choice, then follow that choice. [See Uprising, when he debates whether or not to engage in King’s Row in the first place. Meanwhile, McCree was already there under Reyes’s command.] Morrison thinks something through and is sure of his intentions before engaging, instead of “Let’s give it a shot even though we’re unsure, see how it turns out.” Reyes, of course, is this latter statement. Yet again, I’m getting away from the point.

Morrison leaves Amari, completely unaware of her well being, and doesn’t think twice about leaving her there. They’ve been partners for thirty years! She could have been completely uninjured and he still would have gone. Duty aside, that’s a pretty crappy thing to do to a lifelong friend, especially when there was a chance to retrieve her. So, when Morrison returns to the base and Reyes hears the news that, not only was Amari left behind, but that they don’t even know if she’s alive? That his best friend just decided to leave her there? Again, duty aside, to someone like Gabriel Reyes, who would have taken that chance to get her to safety, Morrison’s action is unforgivable.

This, the blatant disregard for their best friends’ life, the chance to save her ignored, is what I believe drove the two men so far apart.

This got a lot longer than I intended, sorry about that. But I hope you enjoy the theory.


Obviously the pace of the lore isn’t your fault but…i just…can’t fathom that there’s no possible way for things to go faster.


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Man I really gotta hand it to you. Your dedication to your singular personality trait of edgy is just beautiful.

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Also we need you to intimidate a few people who’s been giving us trouble. If they refuse it’s some free souls for ya.

2+ years with lore being scattered between that time, some of it being retconned, and still a lot not really making sense when lined up. I don’t understand how they’re managing to make so many mistakes in the lore when they’re going so slow to the point it should be being released methodically given the time put into it.