Smurfs yet again....every time I 6 stack. here is photo proof I screencapped and saved


need your team comp too you know if you had no tank or healer it would be normal, i see only lucio and phara in your kill feed, lucio not being the best character in bronze, and phara being countered by hitscans …
but yea widow in fire is obvious smurf in bronze


That’s not always true, Widow is actually a common smurf pick bc Bronzes dont have the game sense / positioning to avoid her shots.
(Fun fact, met a widow smurf that found bronze the hardest rank to fire in, bc Bronzes dont do predictale AD spam XD)


Spoken like an experienced troll smurf. Fact is there are SO MANY smurfs down there… the smurfs aren’t there to stomp the people who belong there. They’re there to find the people who refuse to log into their GM accounts for any reason than to maintain decay prevent… and stomp THOSE. The people who belong in those ranks are just collateral damage that “nobody cares about since they will never be pro”.

…and this is why the game is dead. R.I.P. Overwatch, you died of appealing to stupid people. May you rest in peace once the mourners from Season 6 have all finally let you go.

The season 6 firesale is when it wenty from being an average of three accounts per player… to an average of twenty accounts per player. (obviously most of those were part of “the boosting industry” that sells leveled up play-ready accounts at a made-to-order rank) After that, bosting services became wildly popular amongst horrible players who couldn’t accept the truth of their horrible play.

My experience began in the betas. By season 6 I’d basically given up on trying to go any higher than 2700… but I wanted to maintain as close to it as I could manage and try to improve.

Then… one thousand consecutive matches of throwing RoadHogs. By the end of that, it was season 11. Also it was my first time being silenced by the automated system… which quickly cascaded into my first 3 times being silenced by the automated system as I only got maybe 2-3 days without silence on me before it got reapplied… even if I turned off voice chat as an option, throwing roadhogs were still reporting me for abusive chat.

The six month long silence was actually a kind of welcome reprieve from the previous couple of months of being pointlessly screamed at by people that probably have to wear helmets to go outside, and could not possibly have climbed their way out of bronze. I was encountering them in high gold… presumably because of the boosting industry.

At a couple of points on this otherwise pointless journey of abject stupidity and psychotic east coast college kids… I experienced someone leaving their mic open to smoke CRACK and scream for ninety seconds while going absolutely bat-guano crazy and soloing the enemy team as Genji. That was really something else, man… an experience to hang onto I guess… crackhead smurf screams like a turkey and solos gold team…

…another time I ran into a group of teenagers who insisted they would throw if I didn’t let them record me saying, “Hello, I’m Markiplier and I support this content”… awesome huh? Rather than commit identity fraud and intellectual property theft, I accepted the loss. It was just one of hundreds of thousands at that point anyway.

A thousand consecutive matches of throwing roadhogs was really what killed this game for me. I haven’t been able to recover from that. I doubt anyone could. It wasn’t just the SR drop to 1337… it was also the fact that it took three months of me trying as hard as I could, in vain, to carry that morbidly obese gas-huffing serial killer racial slur of a character who for some reason is on a roster of other characters that all have PhDs or the equivalent.

The emotional drain was significant enough that my family asked me about it. I actually developed diabetes trying to ingest enough caffeinne to be on at the right times of day, days of the week, and alert enough to compete in case I finally saw the end of that ridiculous hate-train to hell. 3am-8am on Tuesdays and Thursdays are the only times when I don’t have to be placed on teams with insane trolls? Done…

…anyway… don’t be like me. Quit while you’re healthy. This game actually sucks, and it’s run by a lunatic that thinks it’s his job to socially engineer a more politically correct world by manipulating rules in a video game.

Get out before it actually hurts you.


stop defending the smurfs. After we constantly got wrecked we just picked random heroes because we knew we were going to lose. Our comp started off good until that stack showed up because as I have stated, they are well known smurfs that most bronze players have come across several seasons. There are threads with names upon names of these smurfs but everyone ignores the posts because “bronze lawl” my previous thread I had the name of another infamous smurf/deranker.


i dont defend smurft i can see clearly one, i just say you gave only litheraly one sided informations, where is the full screenshot of the team comp?
you will never win with 3dps to 4dps


Realistically they were probably boosting. And it’s unlikely they were pro’s and GM’s, probably gold’s and some plats. Least the smurfs


Smurfing = Not Bannable
Throwing = Bannable

Report for throwing, otherwise you’re doing nothing.


Smurfing in low elo without a doubt has gotten out of hand. The skill level of the smurfs is all over the place. I would say the majority of em are probably between plat and diamond.

Road to bronze groups are still common as a cold in the winter right now. i actually friended one of the smurfs as a way to que dodge them. They have a 90 percent win rate on on ash at 800 SR with a 7-1 KDR… ROFL This game is 100 percent toast and blizzard really does nothing whatsoever to deal with these obvious SR manipulators.


Damn thats dirty to smurf with 6 people. Now good luck carrying that as top 500.


2 smurfs doesn’t prove anything. I’ve seen enough gold games/silver/ plat games to know it’s far worse in diamond


It shouldnt be a comparison of which bracket has more smurfs. We should be discussing how to fix an overall smurf and deranker issue.

He are the facts.

We have a smurf problem it’s debateable how bad it is but it’s there

We have people using Looking for group to create derank lobbies. They are out in the open and blizzard has done nothing about it.

Three the report system doesnt work. i stopped reporting as I havent gotten 1 single notice of action having been taken in over 2 months. I wont waste my time anymore.


Smurfs are annoying, I’ll give you that.

And people have been reporting them and getting notifications of action being taken

I almost always get them when I report people. I am going to say this as kindly as I can, you are part of the problem. If you know someone is throwing, being toxic etc… And you don’t report them, you are choosing to not say anything. Saying stuff on here isn’t going to get them banned in game, if you want people to have action taken against them you have to report them, plain and simple.


Why should I bother? Did you not read I havent gotten ONE SINGLE notice in over 2 months. I have reported LEGIT 100 percent trolls throwers etc. I even report clear deranker/throwers on enemy teams. I have gotten NOTHING in return in over 2 months. I am not going to waste my time anymore. Why bother? It does nothing


Blizz won’t take notice until they literally have blood on their hands.


Bronze has just become cannon fodder for smurfs. Blizz has zero interest in fair matches at lower ranks. They probably figure that we’re probably not going to climb out of bronze anyway, so why bother balancing bronze matches? Let the Plats and Diamonds and “road to bronze” throwers have their fun. It’s just bronze.

I wonder what would happen to the SR balance in this game if every true bronze and silver player just quit for a week. Everyone else would drop rank because suddenly there are a lot fewer “easy stomp” matches without the bronze and silver players. Over time, the borderline golds would fall to bronze and silver, plats would fall back to gold, and lower-end GMs would fall to Master (when they can be bothered to play their main accounts at all).

And they would all cry about it, and because of the unchecked toxicity that Blizz has enabled, they’d probably all blame each other. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

I just want to play against other bronze players. Is that too much to ask? Can Blizzard make that happen or can’t they? But I swear, every 3rd or 4th match now is full of smurfs, throwers, de-rankers, you name it, either dropping rank on purpose, or blasting their way back up, ruining matches as they go. The freely advertise their intentions in LFG without any penalty. Bronze is just a playground now for higher ranks. Matches are won or lost now solely on which team has the most smurfs.

But whatever. I’m sure there’s a ton of players about to tell me that everything’s fine, and there’s no problem. It’s all good, srsly.


It’s already happening. I am down 700 SR on my account (I dont play this one anymore as I cant handle plat games anymore and I dont want to screw over teammates even to do my placements)

High bronze/low silver is a smurf/deranker/washed up gold pit.

I was mid gold comfortably last season pushed 2400 at one point. Cannot break past 1700 this season to save my life. The difficulty of games in the last month has gone up exponentially.

1600 right now is harder than 2200 ever was last season and it’s not even remotely close.


Blizzard can solve the smurfing problem very easily: link all Bnet accounts with a phone number. They have done something similar before in D3, so why can’t they do that here? Solves most of the issues and can even really show the player base numbers to everyone.

Can even add a feature that if you try to link a phone number to 2+ accounts, than all accounts are perma banned. Try to link a false number? BAN. Done.

Course the only people who would hate this idea are people who have 5+ accounts already (aka the ‘git gud’ crowd), but at this point who cares?


This season Im doing bronze to …
And so far I found only 4 smurfs total. 2 plats, 1 horrible and 1 diamond)


Don’t wanna count yourself or something?


Well if you count me and my friend you could say 6, but I’m in all my games and I duo about half the time (because it’s boring otherwise) so… Well, that.