Smurfs should be hardware banned

Smurfs and aimbot should be hardware banned, since their only aim is to destroy the game experience for everyone else. Smurf = SR altering which is against T&C, so why not perma ban these people, their attitude won’t change. Scum will be scum.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me


let’s be honest here. There are tons of smurfs in this game. However, that are the chances if you running into a smurf on the opposite team?

Sure, whenever you do run into a smurf on the opposite team, you are most likely to lose some SR, but that won’t have a big impact on your overall SR.

If you are good, you will climb.


I agree. That’s why cheaters, leavers, throwers and griefers should all go unchecked. If you’re good, you’ll climb. I say Blizzard stop wasting money on banning cheaters as well. Since it doesn’t affect people’s SR. If you’re good, you’ll climb baby! Hell, I say stop balancing the game! If you’re good, you’ll climb!


Blizz fanboys: If you are good, you will climb!

Also them: Overwatch is a team game and you can’t hard carry, go play CS:GO if you want that

So which one is it?


Cash rules everything around the globe for thousands of years :smiley:

not if in the next game is also a smurf. or a boosted thrower.


I’m on xbox. The chances are about 95%.


If every account would start on 0sr and you can’t fall below 1500sr, and strict matchmaking bracket for 0-1499sr would eliminate smurf infected games. Therefore players will develop game skill eventually instead of being rolled on a regular basis, since balanced games in bronze-silver is approx 5% of total games. 95% of total games is heavily one sided in these brackets.


Consoles are a complete trash when it comes to competitive Overwatch. It’s practically for casual play only since there are so many people with alt accounts to just mess around with their friends. I don’t even bother anymore in my competitive games. I play whatever hero I want and I’ll try to win but whatever happens, happens.

The forums will only post the same old garbage every time. “if you’re good, you’ll climb”. Yes, that is 100% true. But you won’t climb as fast. Your match quality will be trash. The experience of climbing is soured. As for “well, your team has just as much probability of getting a smurf as the other team”. That’s not the issue. If that’s the case, then you wouldn’t be solving any problem in overwatch such as leavers, throwers, griefers, one-tricks, etc. So people should stop (not aimed at you) parroting the same bullshet everyone else does.


I was there on alt. I know you will hate because its smurfing for you, but i would like to say that i didnt really see too many smurfs there myself.

Yes they are, but reason are not smurf. Reason is that people in your elo never group up. Thats why games feel so one sided, because it is usualy constant stagger and feeding. If one team capture point, its often gg if they are together because attackers will never group up to push together. On payload maps are players constantly dying one by one without grouping up.

I saw many games like this in bronze, one team completely steam rolled. But not because of player skill. Because people never grouped up.

The chances are higher to have a Smurf in enemy team, cause you as player aren’t one normally.


Yes, 6:5. So if we say there is a smurf in 1/10 games, (which is much much higher than their actual prevalence in my rank), after 110 games played, you’re likely to have had exactly 1 more smurf on the other team than on your team. So the net effect is 1 additional loss for every 110 games. People make it seem like they’re 2 ranks off from where they should be because of smurfs when in reality, over the course of an entire season, you might be 1 game behind because of them. As Jeff has said, on PC, they are basically a non-issue.

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In my opinion, leavers are a MUCH bigger problem than smurfs.

Also yeah, I’d move to pc if I could but I spent a lot of money on limited stuff that can’t transfer.

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I agree but ur talking about banning over 50 percent of the games community if u thought queue times were bad now plus a lot of pros have smurfs cause they find it not fun to play in gm lobbies even some owl players

He was quoting a song.


No this actually incorrect calculated. First, there is more then 1/10 for me second. It’s 18 Smurfs in 110 matches to you, plus 22 for the enemy. . So if say in every second match is a Smurf ( I think that’s much more likely) it’s 11 Smurfs on enemy team and 9 for you. That said, adding the option of adding multiple Smurfs each side makes the change by a huge margin higher.

The only way i see them preventing smurfs is by using a recycled idea from blizzard called sms protect supposedly it stops people who make smurf account to get in top 500 air quotes but if u required everyone to do this would it work nudge nudge blizzard care to put your system to the test

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Lol, you know what a Smurf is? Ask your friend how many accounts they have, every second account is most likely a Smurf. And I didn’t say that they are all on enemy side dude. Don’t react like a jerk. And if I’m not mistaken we didn’t specify platform, as this is needed too, could be that there are less on PC or whatever but by the numbers of his many accounts many have it’s more likely it’s much higher then 10% and even you need to admit that.