Smurfs curb stomped by... smurfs

I’m not sure why people even care, at this juncture.

Blizzard has given their stance on it. They aren’t going away.

Alt and Smurf accounts are probably the #1 revenue generator for Overwatch game sales, right now.

Why are people still making threads complaining about this?

Honestly, I haven’t played comp in a while, and the system still thinks I’m low rank on my original account… So, I get matched against lowbies, and even in QP I can feel a disparity. But I am not going to grind rank on this account just so I can make QP games better, or the few comp games I play on it better.

I can get PotG in all of my placements and sweep them, and the system will still put me at a low rank because it still thinks I’ve just bought the game and discovered first person shooters. I’m 2 ranks higher on my other accounts (Gold and Plat). I use this account only to practice heroes now, and to play QP with a friend of mine.

I don’t get my stronger heroes out unless the trash talk starts flying. I’m aware my Genji is trash. I don’t need to hear about it :stuck_out_tongue:


A few months ago Jeff acknowledged that smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but noted that it’s complicated due to how account creation works on consoles.

Not on consoles they’re not as they’re free to make.

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I doubt Console is leading in game sales, for first time purchasers, anyways.

Not with the low system requirements OW has.

Average off the shelf PC can play this game better than my PS4.


The best advice in this thread is don’t play the game at certain times or in a group larger than two. Pathetic.

The players screw up mmr for 11 others in both situations. The effects ripple.


Tbh, that sounds like the kind of answer id give in middle school when my teachers/parents would ask how my class project was coming along.


Oof that is actually disgusting. I understand it’ll take long because of how it is on console, but a solution being brought in at possibly OW2? I wonder how many people will still be willing to play OW2 with the state they’re leaving OW1 in.

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I don’t think I’d even trust 3700sr to carry.

Well, he does have a point. Any solution they come up with for smurfs has to take console account creation into consideration.

No, not any gamer can do that. Get of your ridiculous high horse already and acknowledge that not all of us are naturally mechanically gifted on the game and/or have the time to devote to actually get better and/or even have the willing to go into all that as well. They have every single right to stay in the rank they belong, which has been specifically designated to players like them via the Competitive rank system of this game.

No, it is. Each player’s rights to play the game stop when the other players’ rights begin. If the only way you can have fun in the game is by destroying my personal experience, then you’re just a sad individual who deserves all of the automated bans that have been happening for years and all the intentional bans that have or will start happening soon.

You heard that right, because Jeff has actually finally acknowledged and has called Smurfing as a “problem” months ago. He said that he and the dev team have been trying to find solutions to eliminate this plague for sure.

What a horrible, toxic attitude. If they’re really good players, then they should remain in their rightful ranks and prove their skill. They have absolutely zero rights to destroy the experience of lower - ranked players who play the game without harming anyone exactly where they belong, in lower ranks.

There’s really not other fact to say here. End of story.


Yes it is, get rid of your poor mindset and start believing already, this is not magic, ppl practice - ppl climb, that how it works. If you don’t play the game serious, what the hell are you forgot in competitive mode?

Lol? Nobody is gifted, you better get rid of it out of your head as soon as possible, buddy, no way…are you actually thinking GMs was borned like this or something?
I came to this game from cs 1.6 i had no clue how to aim, look at start of this movie (1st minute), yes this is me 2 years earlier : Twitch
All I did was this everyday for 40 mins before competitive Overwatch | Oneshot Statement by Ashe | Now available in competitive - YouTube. Then some guy like you told me I was gifted, like what? xD

Not everyone plays Competitive just in order to climb. Tons of people play in order to have a much more Competitive and serious experience than the QP counterparts, something which doesn’t in any way invalidate their choice of game modes.

Dunno what’s so hard to understand really.

Factually wrong. Some people are actually mechanically gifted and there’s nothing we can do to change that. I’m not one of them for sure, it also took me 2 years as well just like you to attain a decent level of aiming.

One of my friends though, for example, has never seriously touched a video game in his life and is already getting 9 kills in Rainbow Six Siege due to pure mechanical skill.


And thats their biggest fault.

So, basically abusing the mode where you meant to work at yourself, just for fun? Then those ppl cry about smurfs… see the trend?

There is no a single person in the world with achievements that you can not reach as individual with strong mentality. All in head. It called motivation.
If someone will tell you’ll recieve 1 bn dollars to reach 4500 elo, will you do your hardest atempt? You will, and you will reach it, believe.

I call it lack of enemy skill at first place. I can shoot some bots too.

Nobody is abusing Competitive. You seem to think that playing Competitive just in order to climb and trying to win are mutually exclusive, which is just wrong.

I for example, which yeah I do like climbing, I’m not going to make it though the main objective while playing Overwatch and I’m not going to get sad and give up if I don’t manage to do it. Does all that mean I’m not trying to win?? Of course not.

There are though things that are out of our reach sometimes. A person who is not G - tolerant for example will never be able to become a Top Gun fighter pilot and a person who isn’t really intelligent will never make and prove a new scientific discovery for example.

But I do agree though that motivation and sheer will can get us a long, looooong way in life.

Thank you. I really want to believe that’s true, but I still wouldn’t be 1000% sure even after all that.

Well with that same logic low ranks in any video game would be the least populated and not the most populated brackets, because almost everyone would be able to climb due to their enemies’ ““lack of skill””… But of course that of itself isn’t true and concerning my friend specifically, he would queue with me and another one of my friends who have played Rainbow for hundreds and hundreds of hours, which made the playing environment even more difficult for him…


Gold is average, and Plat is top 25%. Players in Gold and Plat are good. Diamond and up is exceptional (90th+ percentile).

Most players of Overwatch are not bored teenagers living at home with no jobs who can play 8+ hours a day and watch Overwatch youtube coaching videos for another 2 hours. Most are working adults that don’t have time to dedicate to grinding out to 99th percentile Grandmaster rank.

Don’t be a putz.


That’s not how video games are supposed to work. You punch in the hours gittinggud so can jump lobbies and pubstomp noobs or face other pros. Normally it’s under your control.

I don’t want to sweat vs. good players nonstop - that gets old and unfun.
I don’t want to farm noobs either (even though I’m <500, literally bottom 0.01% of anyone skilled enough to install).

This is why they should totally embrace “alt accounts” and stop rigging matches. Just make like 3-4 pools by skill, and randomly sample. You would be hedged against a difficulty level equivalent to the pool average. Always losing? Ok well that’s against an average backdrop. Always winning? Ok well that’s against an average backdrop. Eventually, you change pools.

No more useless SR number and ridiculous queue times just to mine your private performance data and rig everything close.

Money wont change your natural gifts, it wont change your reaction time. Some cant never reach it, no matter how sweet reward will be.

Can you win chess world championship if I will give you bn dollars?


If you actually believe any of this you have a very flawed thought process.

Let me go get my grandpa and see if he can make gm if he just tries hard.

A lot of players actually ARE just born with the skills they have with reaction time and decision making. Some players will NEVER have those skills no matter how much time they put into it or how much they attempt to be better.

No amount of coaching will help every single player. Not everyone can even be in top ranks. High ranks are meant for less players by design.


I think anyone can be gold with some hard work, every disability will be a lot impactfull in ranks above. Even bad hardware.

There are two kinds of people, and one point six of them don’t understand statistics and distributions.

If everyone grinded to grandmaster, there would still be a normal distribution, and the current 4000 would be the new bronze, 4100 would be gold, etc…

If everyone was literally perfect at Overwatch, then the top players would just be the people that play most often. So the people that die of exhaustion would be the top 500.

Welcome to your perfect world onepointsix.

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There is no natural gifts that can not be achieved by corrects time managment and practice, I am telling ya this as 35 years old fart being GM in ow after 12 month was spent in this game. You want me be kabaji, dafran? Give me shroud’s income and I’ll show you the world, ez. Anyone can do this, with correct mindset/incentive.