"smurfing isnt a problem"

They probably are not going to do anything about smurfs because they use skill(an obtainable and completely intended to be used by the devs) to win the games. Its just like how twinkers use items and locking their level to a specific frame to dominate a match.

What can get them banned:
Glitch Abuse

if you’re in diamond you should be able to deal with 1 GM player in your games at this point, not to say it doesn’t suck, but you really cant expect to deserve to win games if you cant beat one player who is in a slightly higher rank than you


That oft-cited comment from Jeff is quite dated now.

He’s since admitted that smurfing is a problem and that they’re working on solutions but not to expect any resolution until around Overwatch 2 launch.

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Except for the fact that they’re taking that skill and using it in lower tier matches in which they clearly shouldn’t be.

A high tier player in a low tier match has an unfair advantage over players actually at those lower tiers, and according to Blizzard anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating.


Oh that’s good to hear. Do you know off hand when / where he might have said that?

It was here:


Yes you did, because you “learned from him”.


Oh yeah you’re right, I learned so much uwu


And you can’t expect to deserve to win games if you can’t beat one character who has a slightly lower skill floor than yours. :wave: :rofl:


Gorl, you should be back in masters. Someone needs to re-enroll in the Stevoo Sym university.

I had a very unlucky streak and in all my losses there was an enemy Widow / McCree smurf abusing us, so I’m justifiably salty. IDC



Sounds like literally every single Masters/GM game since Mccree’s last buff.


Wrong but okay.

Get ready for a bunch of dudebros to come out of the woodwork and insist that there’s absolutely nothing to be done about smurfs, it isn’t even a problem ~ because heaven forbid you want to just… Play the game with people at your own skill level. That’s asking far too much!

You know what baffles me is that I can’t tell if the dudebros just like stirring the pot, or if they genuinely just don’t understand that their ignoring this problem will be one of the nails in the game’s coffin. Maybe they don’t care much about the game, I guess, but - I like it, I wish it was better.


Deep down inside they know what they’re doing is wrong but they won’t verbalize it because then it makes it real.

Anytime I ask a streamer why they smurf they kind of go blank and don’t have a good reason.


Blizzard likes short-term gains. Meanwhile, in reality, that can lead to long-term downtrends in player activity retention. Too bad they can’t see that.


(umm yes you can see peoples names. hover over the icon and it says the name, just wanted to let you know)
(Ik they predicted it because I keep seeing Soma post alot of smurfs arent a problem in thread talking about it)


Fine, fine. I’ll admit the like 19 exceptions out of tens of thousands of matches.

McCree’s winrate is still meh. The one week without him (and 5 other hitscan heroes) really makes the pickrate stats look funny, but his winrate stats are still on point. He’s still not a “dominating force” in GM on average.