"smurfing isnt a problem"

Try being bronze, guaranteed endorphin boost for smurfs from literally every other rank.

Supposedly Soma is bronze and is oblivious to all the smurfing problems

Maybe it’s just me but at bronze I would be suspect of a McCree that consistently head shots me from across the map

I can just speak for myself…

I was a bronze player, never really liked competetive bc of the lack of role Q in the old days.

I played countless hours of qp (ow beeing my first pc fps) where at some point i got myself to very very low gold.

Played countless more qp with a plat and 2 dia friends (they even peaked masters)

After i went back onto solo queu comp i was often accused of smurfing even though i reached a new peak with every win.
It kinda felt like smurfing bc i saw myself playing much better than the rest.

Also another friend joined ow (played thousands of hours in tf2 pc) and his mccree was absolutely nuts while beeing at lvl 5

Just my input and story

Jesus Christ, 628 sr? Probably explains your comment and how stupid you are.


So you’re completely okay with streamers/pros making “GM to Unranked in ___ days” videos? Where you know they will be heavily influencing matches the whole way up? I mean everyone who ends up against them is going to lose a match they could have won, whereas if they’re lucky enough to get them, they might win a match they should have lost. It skews the whole purpose of competitive. You act like OW is a solo game and only individuals are influenced. It’s a team game. You can’t just say “beter players in matches is not an issue” without giving an actual argument behind it.


Uhhhh what? That’s a super common problem with smurfs. Do you even play this game dude? You’re telling me you’ve never had a game where someone starts throwing because they don’t care about winning because “it’s not my main”? I can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard that.

lmao smurfing is a problem not as much as throwing but its still a problem

If you do not think there is an issue with smurfing then I do not know why you are in this game and you an idiot. Smurf accounts do nothing for a player. Why be a GM to Top 500 player with a smurf account? Why have a large amount of skill in the game to get to GM but then make a smurf to climb again? Also, why make an account to throw a game in the lower ranks? Its stupid and completely idiotic.

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Because it’s fun to not care about games and still sometimes climb, to be a god among mortals, that do care.

Actual goal of improving yourself, in many cases, is to dominate. But SR system prevents dominating over lesser skilled players, so you start all over again.

Except there’s a dozen new threads on here every day from different people saying “smurfs are a problem”.

And they all get upvoted to the high heavens.

Smurfs are a problem. Everyone sees it, it’s only smurfs and a handful of developers at this point with their heads firmly in the sand. Or, like yourself making everyone else’s games miserable.


Jeff recently admitted that smurfs are indeed a problem and that they’re working on a solution.

Do you have a source? I must have missed it.


Consoles, yeah, but what of PC? Surely it’s a much simpler problem to fix there?

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Thanks. Reading that makes me a bit worried that they may not consider smurfing on PC an issue.

Smurfs are not a problem for people that does not play the game nor take it as competition. But these people forgot what “Ranked Mode” is. You have a Rank and you need to fight and to win to climb Ranks. It is a competition.

And Smurfs are just unfair. It’s like facing an olympic champion when you’re racing friends at school. The champion is in the middle of kids that are racing, and obviously the champion is gonna win because he trained hard unlike the kids who are just racing for fun and do not plan on getting better.

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Undoubtedly whatever solution they come up with for smurfs on console will also apply to PC.

People cant udnerstand that the “smurfs” are not only good players with new accounts. Smurfs are also throw/troll players who want to create a new account to throw and be bad like a new account with name “Widowmain” and he plays only Widow in which he is not good at all. Also “smurfs” are bad players who want to create a new account to “reset” but they still remain bad. And dont tell me about match making!!! the MM system is crap!

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Had them in all but two games today. All with the typical names where you know what’s about to happen before the game even starts, two or three on the enemy team. Amazing how well they know the game at level 9!!!
Amazing that “you can’t tell who is really a smurf” when all you have to do is play against them and get steamrolled by one or two people on the enemy team, it’s pretty obvious.
People still making excuses for them: “you want to punish people because they’re better than you”…
I want people who manipulate and abuse the MMR and SR system to cheat, play out of their level, and knowingly and purposely ruin other people’s games to be punished.
Imagine just wanting to play against people in a similar skill bracket like the game is intended???

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