Smurfing is Cheating According to Blizzard's own Rules

The world isn’t that black and white.

There are perfectly viable situations where something like this could occur that wouldn’t involve people being in the wrong rank.

Welp, i am at dps in wrong rank for two seasons now. And last time it was my higher sr number with role im trash at. That say something. (yes that role is dps i refer to)

Maybe, or maybe you just got worse (Entirely possible). Who knows?

If i got worse but game still keep me for 2 seasons in that rank then there is also something wrong with it.
Its my problem with it MY DPS RANK IS TO HIGH, that team that have me now is litteraly having to 5v6

Wait, you meant your DPS was higher than usual.
In that case, I meant better not worse.

Again 20% accuracy
My rank on dps is there only because my general rank before role lock was high plat, and rest of roles were just put around it. This is how great system is, and i was plaing supports and tanks before mostly with dps when “i had to”. But sure, give me high plat on dps, and watch me die before getting any kill every match.

To say how bad i am, last time plaing qp i missed my flash as mcree at rezzing mercy. You dont want me on your team in ranked too with that aim in this rank.

Its one of reasons why this season i yet to play ranked. I hate being one to lead team to lose or being jusct carred to win.

To add a third one to this:

  1. Fix the multiple account issue on consoles. It is stupidly easy to make as many new free accounts as you want with no consequence.

I think some of points got lost in translation here. I’ll try to remedy this.

For one, I don’t believe - and never said - that Blizzard should stop allowing players to have multiple accounts. If you want try to out a new hero, or have a “casual” account, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. What I have a problem with is people who pay for another account, rush through to level 25, and immediately hit competitive to play their mains and have easy games.

Last night I played against an alleged 4 stack of all level 25’s, each having gone through placements and ranked at mid-gold. They admitted in chat that they all typically place in GM, yet somehow they ended up in gold, playing against me, a definitely-not-good-enough-to-play-against-GMs type of player.

There was absolutely no way I had any chance of winning. And no matter how many times people say the ranking algorithm will put them in their proper rank quickly, the fact remains that they were somehow ranked in gold while having GM-level skillsets. And nothing will take back that completely demoralizing game. So I ask, what’s the point in trying if you’re not going to have any control over your rank?

So maybe it’s a ranking error, maybe it’s a matchmaking error, maybe it’s something else. Either way, Blizzard should really admit the negative aspect of smurfing, and work on a way to still allow people their alt accounts, without making their average player-base pay the price.


They need to remove the MMR reset. If you buy an alt account, the matchmaker should match you the same as on your main account.

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question : how does the matchmaker know my ‘main’ account ? how do they know it’s not my brother/father/mother/sister/roommate’s account ?


The Same way they detect alt accounts to avoid Account Suspension. They could use mobile phone verification to differ between family members. Could still be abused but better than nothing.

Most of this is just people having a false sense that they are better than what their SR/MMR is.

Is their a smurf problem? Sure I think we got people at there throwing matches to be able to curb stomp those of lesser skill at lower levels, But I can’t be convinced that every 20 something level who pops off in a game is smurf. There’s too many variables.

By no means am I an elite player but I have had many games where I have just stomp the competition. Because of my high level and fancy border the opposition blames blizzard for the matchmaking. No I just had, for whatever reason, a good game. So there will always be some perceived issue.

Imagine if Blizzard reset the SR/MMR and everyone had to rebuild their skill level. Now that’s where we will see the real tears.


That’s a fair question, and it’s a use case I didn’t consider, so I appreciate you bringing it up.

To be honest with you, I don’t know how Blizzard would solve for that. Someone recommended a phone verification-type solution, and maybe that would work, but maybe it wouldn’t.

I’m not smart enough to know how to solve for every use case. All I know is that smurfing is a legitimate issue in this game, and I wish Blizzard would at least acknowledge that.

Yes, deranking is against the rules. We all know that

They have acknowledged the problem. They just called it by it’s real name “deranking and boosting”

Your crusade against alternate accounts is missing the point.

You can derank and boost on a single account.

they can do that with their game

fyi there is NOTHING they can do about it on consoles, nothing. you can start as many xbox live accounts as you want

PC is also hard to enforce even if they wanted to, and no IP bans will NOT do it. IP and mac addresses can both be easily changed or faked

Actually the community is making their own definition.

The problem is deranking and boosting. The community has dubbed this as “smurfing”

they could not actually enforce that if they wanted to.

consoles wont even let blizzard have a policy like that, and it would be impossible to track on someone that really wants to get away with it on PC

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As other people have said that is the fault of the matchmaker not the player. If you don’t think Blizzard should stop allowing players to have multiple accounts and players are playing normally and being placed in Gold when they hit level 25 then what is the issue?

Unless the person is absolutely throwing on purpose then it’s not cheating at all. There definitely exists a problem that could be worked on, but it’s not cheating.

I definitely feel they should do this with hardware ID(not IP). I don’t know if how easy and feasible that would be to implement though.

Smurfing is not cheating. That’s a weird claim to make. Yeah, it may suck that you lose a game because of a so-called “smurf”, but they’re ranking up and will get where they need to be eventually. I know this has already been said, but it is true.

Is there a deranking and boosting problem? Yes. But not all smurfs are deranking purposefully and/or boosting.

You’re focusing on the wrong thing.


I guess I would say the issue is a massive loophole in Blizzard’s idea of balance. When I queue for a game in competitive, I expect to be matched with people of my skill level, to ensure a game that is balanced and fair. This is what Blizzard promises us when we click on the Competitive card.

The act of smurfing - and when I say “smurfing,” I mean the act of buying a new account, boosting it to level 25 and immediately hitting competitive - destroys the notion of balance in games. Whether you’re up against a 3-stack of GMs on alt accounts, or teamed up with someone who doesn’t care because it’s not their main account, you’re not playing a fair game.

Maybe smurfing is more of a symptom than a problem. And maybe I’m not the one with the solution. All I can do is raise my voice and tell Blizzard that their “balanced” games aren’t balanced, and that they aren’t living up to their definition of cheating being “engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage.”

Because without fail, smurfing always grants one team an unfair advantage.