Single Digit Frames After Alt + Tab

Cant figure out what the issue here is. If I ever alt tab out of Overwatch, I drop from an extremely consistent 60 fps, to single digit fps and the game never recovers. I have to literally restart my computer to get back to 60. Doesn’t matter how many times I close and restart the game.

Hey there,

Is this a laptop? If so it is likely you are using both an integrated and dedicated GPU. The integrated GPU is the one the system will use by default for everyday tasks. It is supposed to switch from that integrated to the dedicated mobile GPU when you launch a graphic intense process like a video game.

Issues of low FPS or a sustained FPS drop after alt tabbing could be due to an issue with this switching process. (IE when you tab out, the system switches back to the integrated GPU but doesn’t switch back to the integrated when you tab back in.)

Ensuring you have all driver updates for both GPUs can help.

Now that was assuming this was a laptop. If the above doesnt solve the issue or doesn’t apply here because you are on a desktop, then the community needs more information on your setup to try and offer usable troubleshooting.

oh did you try borderless window ifg to mention that to others i had to switch to borderless window after setting my monitor to hdr and use super resolution but you can switch between the 2 and see what works on off super resolution + enabling faster fps in the game options

amd has the in game options in the gaming tab that i can change the settings before launch as well for game specific settings

and since i have a 16gb i have the game tuning that i put the max frequency to 2200mhz rpm to 90 vram 2100

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