Since no one actually gonna say it

QP classic is not classic QP. There are less tanks and supports and even more dps in general. Before 2-2-2 I had a good chances to play QP with at least 1 support and tank (usually it was 3-2-1 comp, which is not that bad) Now I don’t.

Here before “That’s what you deserve, you salty DE PI AS” comments.


I don’t really find that surprising. Solo tanking and solo healing is very unpopular among support and tank mains–some are fine with it, but many more despise it. I think those people would much rather give up some flexibility (that they realistically weren’t using anyway) to get a guaranteed second tank or second support.


I had alot of qp games with 4 or even 5 dps, because most people dont care in that mode.


How on earth does this surprise you?

All of us who were sick and tired of solo tanking and supporting only play the new and improved version of Quick Play.


I’m not. I’m surprised with “play QP classic if you want old QP” comments. Because QP classic is NOT old QP.


Should us tank and support players be dumped in there randomly so we can relive the last three years where we didn’t get to enjoy the game?


In terms of rules and ability to pick who you want, it is. I don’t think anyone’s ever claimed the playerbase and relative proportion of roles would wind up being the same (not that I’ve seen, at least)–honestly, I think there’s been a greater degree of awareness that QPC would be heavily slated toward DPS players


So basically all the ‘responsible’ people that used to be guilted into supporting or tanking simply switched to 2/2/2, leaving you with all the DPS-only players. It makes sense; if you’re going to tank or support you might as well do it with a partner.


In all fairness, QP classic is the only mode DPS players can play where they won’t get hit with unacceptably long queue times, so it makes sense you’d see a lot of DPS players playing it. Heck, I play QP classic just so I don’t have to wait an ungodly amount of time. Well, that and I prefer having my option open to me. If my Reaper or Widow is working, I like having the option to play Moira.


Why should tank and support players keep having unfun stressful games just to make DPS instalockers games better?

You’re going to QP Classic so you can spam DPS like you did before just like your 5 teammates are, but now theres no tanks and supports there to do the ‘unfun’ jobs for you all anymore, because role queue lets them have better games now.

either you’ll have to accept 6 DPS is the new normal, or start picking up tank or support every now and then because nobody else will… just like the tank and support players did before.


No you don’t. Just saying that for DPS mains it’s a choise between long queues and trash comps with nothing in the middle.

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Mocbka is starting to understand how it felt to be the lone support or tank in those 3 DPS+ matches…


Just this. I’m a dps main who’s been flexing a lot because I also want a shot at winning.
From the moment I started seriously flexing, I managed to play maybe 10% of my games as dps (and it was mainly because I didn’t want to be solo healing a 5 dps team).

Now I can finally play what I signed up for. If I want to play dps, I wait. If by some stroke of luck I end up in QP classic, I’ll NEVER play tank or heal.


There are a dozen explanations as to why this phenomenon exists. The problem is, no one who plays only Damage Dealers will accept these reasons.

For three years you all had the options to show Blizzard how you could be a team player. For three years the players failed. Now you have 2 options you can see and many options you can’t.

Wait a long time, or get a crappy composition.


Start diversifying your role selection. If all Damage Dealer players do that the queue times for DPS will go down.


I called it. It is only going to get worse with more dps queuing to save time and the tanks and healers moving to 222 for more quality games.

I was a lone support or tank in 50% of my games in QP and I was ok with it.

Most of us got sick and tired of that. Most of the people I knew who got tired of that left the game.


Note the ‘ok’ with it, not it was ‘fun’ regardless even with your ‘ok’ comment you would still be in the minority.

Why not queue up as support again in classic?


Merge No Limits and QP classic. Might as well do, pretty sure they share like 90% of the crowd.


its almost as if tank/healer players are fed up with multi-dps teams and therefore favor the more structured mode…