Simple Mercy Rework

The idea of this rework is idk to make her feel better, balanced out without doing too much “reworking” or changing much of her current kit

  • HPS brought back to 60hps or at least 55hps

Her HPS was never a problem. The current cd rez was too powerful that the only way to balance an overtuned ability was to nerf her base kit.

  • Remove Rez as her E ability and give her Titanium’s Pacify

To those that dont know of it basically it s a hitscan debuff that lowers an enemies damage. This will give mercy a reason to stay in the middle of the fight, as well as an ability that interacts with the enemy but staying true to her lore being a pure healer. It also more mechanical skill people want for mercy. Thus making her more engaging

  • Valkyrie

-increase main target healing to around 70-80hps while chained targets are healed for 40-50hps
-increase main target dmg boost to around 40% while decrease it to around 25% on chaines targets
-Rez is now tied to Valkyrie and is activated by pressing Q during valk. It has two charges: one when valk is activated and one 10seconds afterwards. The charges are stackable. Unused charges disappear when valkyrie finishes. Rez still has ~1.75s cast time but the mobility debuff is removed why increasing the range to 5m radius.

Idea is making valk more than a hold mousebutton and enforces juggling to get value when keeping the entire team alive. The gap between the two rez charges is so that valk isnt used for two burst rezzes and what not.

Idk im tired and sleepy night guys. Ill try responding to replies tomorrow. Until then let s all try to keep things civil

Titaniums ideas will never be put into the game.

Not even saying that to hate on Titanium. Blizzard, if they ever even feel the need to rework Mercy, will go their own way about it like they always do.